Bell tells customers class action suit against its former per-minute rounding will proceed


  • It’s Me

    Fido did the same thing. Was there a class action against them too?

    • JoMore

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t all of our telecoms round up to the nearest minute?

    • It’s Me

      They do, but that makes sense since they are a close knit cartel.

      Fido, before Rogers killed them, had per second billing.

    • JoMore

      That’s crappy.. My biggest gripe with the telcos is not having roll over data. We pay a stupid high price for cell phones, they can roll over the 300mb of data or whatever is left that I didn’t use.
      There should be a class action for that!

    • It’s Me

      Good point.

    • Brad Fortin

      Or they can just move to unlimited data, like they moved to unlimited minutes and unlimited texting.

      8-10 years ago they didn’t even offer unlimited minutes or unlimited texting, no matter what price you paid, instead they just sold in larger and larger amounts (50 -> 200 -> 500 -> 2000 -> etc), like they’re with data right now. Eventually they rolled out unlimited texting, then unlimited calling. Data is next, it’s just a matter of how long they want to milk the overage fee cow.

  • HiKsFiles

    Is there a way to find out if we’re on the list or not?
    2006… 2009… I have a hard remembering what I hate for breakfast yesterday morning…

    • Ipse

      Yep, I was a Bhell customer at the time ( please forgive my sins) – how do I know if I’m part of the suit? Any action required?

  • Wunsch

    There are all kinds of rounding strategies used in the telecom industry. Per-minute is one of the less-weird ones, and as long as they disclosed what strategy they were using somewhere in the fine print, it should be fine. I’m guessing the issue is they didn’t disclose it, or claimed they were going to do something other than what they did.