Transport Canada says decision on joining electronics ban will be made shortly

canada electronics flight ban

A decision on joining the U.S. and the U.K. in banning electronic devices larger than a cellphone on flights from 10 primarily Middle Eastern airports will be made shortly, according to Transport Canada.

“The safety and security of Canadians and of the transportation system are Transport Canada’s top priorities,” Transport Canada told MobileSyrup. “Transport Canada is in close contact with U.S. security officials and is assessing the security concerns. For security reasons, we cannot elaborate on aviation security concerns. Transport Canada continuously assesses our security and makes adjustments whenever needed. A decision on whether to implement a similar ban respecting large electronics on flights to Canada will be made shortly.”

Meanwhile, earlier on Tuesday Transport Minister Marc Garneau told a Reuters reporter that Canada won’t be following the ban for the time being.

In response to The Globe and Mail, however, an anonymous industry source reported that the Canadian government is considering joining the ban. As the situation currently stands, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority told The Globe and Mail on Tuesday that it has not been told to screen passengers any differently.

The ban was first reported on by Reuters, who noted it was rolling out in response to an unspecified terrorism threat. A source told the publication that it would cover around eight to 10 foreign airlines (including Jordan and Saudi Arabia), and a separate government official confirmed the Associated Press‘ report that the ban will affect 10 airports in eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa. While electronic devices larger than a cellphone, such as laptops, are banned from the cabin, they are allowed in checked baggage.

Since news began spreading about the news, Britain’s Sky News reported that the U.K. would also be joining the ban.

Of the nine airlines affected by the ban, eight offer direct routes to Canada, including through Toronto’s Pearson International Airport and the Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.

Source: The Globe and Mail, Reuters