Apple announces updated 9.7-inch iPad, starts at $449 CAD [Update: now available]


  • KiwiBri

    lol.. back to “iPad” name. I bet the iPhone 7s/8 will be “iPhone”.

  • Dimitri

    My iPad Air 2 128GB Cellular is still fast and no lag. So no need for me change it for this one.

    • Zach Gilbert

      Yea, the CPU boost is decent, but not enough to warrant an upgrade for many.

  • Aaron Hoyland

    They dropped the iPad Air 2, which is definitely not the same as dropping the iPad Air. Article should probably be corrected to clarify this.

    • Zach Gilbert

      Hey Aaron, Apple actually did drop the name iPad Air and introduced the ‘iPad’. While the specs are pretty much identical, with the new name, it could be argued it is a new product. Check out the Apple comparison chart for the iPad lineup.

    • Aaron Hoyland

      Sorry, I’m not saying that they didn’t change the name. I’m saying that the iPad Air and the iPad Air 2 are separate products (the Air coming out in 2013 and the Air 2 coming out in 2014). The article states that Apple dropped the iPad Air, which suggests that they dropped the product from 2013 and replaced it with a new one. It should probably state that either they “discontinued the iPad Air 2” or “discontinued the iPad Air 2 and dropped the iPad Air branding”.

    • Zach Gilbert

      aahhhhh, yes, I see what you are saying. Fixed.

  • MoYeung

    What’s the difference between iPad and iPad Air again?

    • Zach Gilbert

      You asking about the new ‘IPad’ and the iPad Air 2? If so, CPU. Apple went from an A8x to an A9 cpu.

  • TheTechSmith

    Yay to the death of 16GB iPads! Sorry but those were stupid. The family talked me into buying a 16GB iPad Air 2 for my Dad, convincing me he’d never need more than that, and it’s probably true, but it just felt so wrong spending that much money for a measly 16GB of non-up-gradable storage. This past year Apple has finally left 16GB behind. About time for someone trying to be a premium brand.

    • Brad Fortin

      “16 GB doesn’t satisfy my storage needs, therefore it must not satisfy anyone’s storage needs.” Jumping to conclusions?

  • Shogun

    I have a cracked screen on my 3 year old iPad Air 2 and when you factor in the cost of replacing it it makes more sense to buy this new device instead. Only thing being that mine has 64GB and I’d have to settle for a loss of half my storage. For now I’ll make do.

  • Shogun

    Yeah that’s pretty ridiculous Every model has that and here they’ve cheaped out

  • canucks4life

    Pretty stupid pricing base mini costs $100 more?

  • TheTechSmith

    That sucks. It would be too good to be true for Apple to lower any price without making compromises. Might be better off with a refurbished iPad 2 if you can find one, but of course then you are losing on the CPU performance.

  • birdman_36

    Does that mean next year’s model will be the iPad 2?

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  • Smanny

    If it’s the A9 then that SoC is rated at 172.8 gigaflops with a 6 core GPU. The the previous iPads had the A8X which is rated at 230.4 gigaflops and it has an 8 core GPU. The A9X is rated at 345.6 gigaflops and it has a 12 core GPU.

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