Apple unveils iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition


  • Dimitri

    I must say that red looks nice on the iPhone. It’s also going to a good charity / funds for charity ( a close friend has aids.) I wish more companies would do this.

    • It’s Me

      It is a nice colour. Little to bright for me, but not garish like some of the colours out there.

    • Dimitri

      Agreed. Now if all companies bad a color like this it would be great!

    • Smanny

      Here’s a concept for you. It would make more sense for you and others to invest in the charities directly themselves, especially when more of your money would go directly towards the charities themselves. Instead of giving more money to Apple and their expensive iPhones. This is just a ploy to make it look like Apple is giving back a lot to these charities. When in reality they are only giving a few dollars per actual unit. Look we all know that an iPhone 7 with 128 GB of storage for $1029 is so overpriced for what users are getting. (The specs can confirm that). Especially if they actually looked at the competition prices and what they are getting.

      I get that if you love Apple, and the fact that if you purchased apps and other content, then you are locked into Apples ecosystem. Plus if you use FaceTime and iMessage. Then your only alternative is an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. I get that. But each year that goes by, it’s getting easier and easier to see from Apple’s specifications and increased prices, why Apple is making record profits all the time.

    • Dimitri

      I give money to most charities including sick kids every year. Some don’t do it but some do. Due to my sister have g epilepsy and my close friend have aids I usually put money towards those and sick kids.

      That being said, what i am saying is for more companies to do this. That’s all.

    • Shogun

      You can’t fault Apple for having a successful business model and in my mind that’s all that matters. People can choose to buy or not but quite obviously sales prove its still a popular brand and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

    • Smanny

      No I guess I can’t fault Apple. It’s great marking, and great publicity for them. It’s also a great tax write off for them as well. It’s a win win for Apple. Especially when Apple only gives a few bucks per unit sold.

    • It’s Me

      Or they could just not do anything. Would that be better? Clearly they could do more, but they are doing something and it raises awareness of the issue.

      Or the people that have no intention of buying it could just whine and complain since it doesn’t affect them. At all. That’s productive.

    • Shogun

      He’s a Blackburied fan so fundamentally one shouldn’t necessarily expect any praise. Just nit picking like his friend is also doing over at the Apple watch bands story claiming how ‘fugly’ they are. Its an act of desperation.

    • Shogun

      How would you know how much they give? At least they’re giving something which is more than can be said for another company you often tout around here.

    • It’s Me

      I wonder how much smanny gives to aids research.

    • Brad Fortin

      The typical rate for (RED) products is 50% of profits, and since you think “an iPhone 7 with 128 GB of storage for $1029 is so overpriced” that just means even more money will go toward this cause. (The specs actually show you’re getting great bang for the buck if you look at detailed specs rather than just quick specs.)

      If the people who are already planning on buying a new iPhone end up buying a (RED) model that’s great, and more companies should have similar initiatives for their products. If others end up taking a similar approach to Apple’s, that’s fine, and they shouldn’t have to wait for Apple to do it first.

    • Smanny

      Its not whether I think the iPhone 7 is overpriced. If mobilesyrup actually did a web poll, then you I would find out Brad that the vast majority of people do find the iPhones ARE OVERPRICED.

      Also Brad you are proving to the world that you are a liar once again. Simple math would tell you that, but once again you have to make up stuff in order to pump up Apple. Now let’s say Apple is going to sell 5 million of these red iPhones from now to the end of 2017. It most likely will be more than that. But let’s use an easy number shall we.

      An iPhone 7 cost Apple around the $200 mark. But we will entertain you and say it cost them $400 to make the 128 GB version verses the 32 GB version. More like $10 different in parts for the 128 GB version. That includes the box, packaging, and accessories. Now we will take another $400 per phone off for marketing, and the people serving you at Apple and the replacement of each device, even if a user never replaces their device. Now that leaves $229 left over. So now we will take off another $129 just because.

      So that leaves only $100 for the profit of each iPhone 7. Not even the 7 plus. Brad you can do it, keep up here with us.

      So you said 50% of the profits, right? “The typical rate for (RED) products is 50% of profits, and since you think “an iPhone 7 with 128 GB of storage for $1029 is so overpriced.”.

      Now $50 times 5 million works out to 250 million dollars being donated for just 5 million iPhone 7 red’s. As if Apple is going to donate that much. Check this article and do yourself a favor do a web search. Apple to date has donated $130 million with all the other red products. Even if it was only $10 per device still works out to $50 million for only 5 million red iPhones 7’s. So what if they sell 10 million red devices. But you like to make up crap all the time. I guess you think people are not going to call your bluff. But here I am Brad. Please come back an post a response after you were caught in a ball face lie.

    • Brad Fortin

      Unlike you, I won’t pull numbers out of the air, I’ll use real numbers: According to Apple’s latest quarterly report the average selling price of the iPhone is $695 USD, or about $929 CAD, and their gross profit margin is ~40% while their net profit margin is ~20%. However, the (RED) model will only be available on the iPhone 7/Plus and in 128/256 GB capacities, so their average selling price will obviously be higher, so we can expect at least $150 USD/$200 CAD of profit per (RED) device. As long as they follow the standard 50% of profits contribution for every (RED) item sold they’ll be giving at least $75 USD/$100 CAD per device. Apple sells at least 200 million iPhones per year, about ⅓ of iPhone models (SE 32/128 GB, 6S/Plus 32/128 GB, 7/Plus 32/128/256 GB) will soon be available in (RED), and is one of six colours offered, so even if we assume equal distribution (there won’t be) that works out to ~10 million devices, or about $1.5 billion USD/$2.0 billion CAD. Even 1/10th that much would more than double Apple’s current contributions to the fund.

      “So now we will take off another $129 just because.”

      “But you like to make up crap all the time.”

      So you’re taking off $129 “just because” but I’m the one who likes to “make up crap all the time”? Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

      “Please come back an post a response after you were caught in a ball face lie.”

      The saying is “bold-faced lie”.

      Petty squabbling aside, no matter how many of these (RED) iPhones they sell they’ll still be contributing more than they were before, and that’s a good thing. Stop complaining that they’re doing something good and just let them do it.

    • Smanny

      So let’s see you are saying that they might sell 10 million iPhone 7 red devices. Also you are saying $150 USD ($200 CAD) of profit per unit will go to charities. Now let’s see if Apple this time will actually give 1.5 billion to 2.0 billion dollars to charities.

      Clearly I was baiting you, and calling you out to see what you would say. So please Brad give us a link that shows everyone here that Apple is going to give $150 USD per device of profit. Please I can’t wait to see this one.

      Your deep into you lies Brad. I am going to love to see what you post next.

      As if Apple is every going to give that much, but you keep pretending. I will bet you a million dollars that Apple isn’t even going to give 100 million. Nevermind 1.5 to 2 billion dollars away to charities. Come on man. Do you honestly believe the crap that you shovel? Do you need a bigger shovel Brad, so you can dig a little deeper, and shovel more of that manure your digging up.

    • Mr Dog

      1 billion is a drop in the bucket for them. Why wouldnt they give it to charity from a product like this that is meant to benefit charity?

  • Bizzarosupes

    I always wanted to see a (RED) iPhone after seeing the (RED) iPod Touch. Considering jumping back to iPhone later this year again for a couple reasons from my S7 Edge. One reason is well worth the price, brother of mine was recently diagnosed with Cancer, only way we keep in touch is through iMessage since he can’t afford a cell phone due to treatment, and i’m not always in WiFi to use my iPad. This maybe a good way to switch back to iPhone and also have a few dollars donated to a good cause.

  • Jared748

    Love to have this – I have the iPod touch 128GB in RED.

    But why can’t they make these coloured (especially the RED) phones or iPod with a black bezel option? I do not like the white letter box effect.

    I know it’s rhetorical. But it would be more attractive IMO. I like the RED product look a lot.

    I also have a few products from Apple including the afore mentioned iPod touch and an iPad 2 Leather RED Smart Cover that I will never get rid off, and iPad Air 2 Red Smart Cover as well.

    I used to Ski for cancer, I buy daffodils etc. And I buy RED when I have the option.

    • Brad Fortin

      If you’re the kind of person who usually uses a screen protector you can get one with a black bezel to cover up the white front.

    • Jared748

      Yep I am that guy. Frig. Now I have to rob a piggy bank somewhere. 🙂

    • It’s Me

      Just think of the red and white as the Canadian edition.

  • Brad Fortin

    As someone with a few (RED) products I think this is fantastic news as this is something I’ve been hoping to see for years. I’m glad they’ve finally done it, and hope to see it spread to the rest of their product line.

    • p_lindsay

      Guess you can cancel your Pixel order and go line up for one of these. The bright red will match your iSheep butthurt perfectly.

    • Brad Fortin


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  • Omar

    How does somebody pronounce “(RED)”?

    • Dankey

      (RED)…….like that.

  • jellmoo

    I really like the look. They picked a nice matte red that is really sharp. I get the feedback about having a black front, but I kind of dig the way the red wraps around a little so it’s visible with the white facing.

    Nicely done.

  • Brad Fortin

    lol, you’re funny.

    • Smanny

      You just know I am right. So why are you so determined to make up lies in regards to the sale of these iPhone 7 red devices. If they are so great, then they should sell themselves, right? Since Apple is so great too, right?

      Btw instead of posting “lol, you’re funny”. Where is the link to where you think Apple has said 50% of the profits per device. I would like laugh as well. But Brad, you are just pathetic.

    • Brad Fortin

      It’s on both RED’s website and on their Wikipedia page. I didn’t include a link because MobileSyrup doesn’t allow links in the comments. What’s pathetic is that you don’t know how to use Google to look this stuff up on your own.

    • Jeff Innis

      The website actually says up to 50%. I don’t know about you, but when a store says: “Up to 50% off on select items!!!”. It is NEVER actually 50%.

    • Brad Fortin

      I was going by the Wikipedia page which, until a recent edit, omitted the “up to” part. My bad.

  • Dankey

    Hot dang! If that ain’t a pair o’ mighty fine lookin’, competition-slayin’, super-secure devices!
    So, what else y’all got…..?