Netflix releases its 2017 smart TV recommendations

netflix recommended tvs


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  • Shogun

    Personally I think Smart TV’s are a gimmick. There is really nothing compelling about a unit that incorporates apps that any console, Apple TV, Android box etc. can provide and then some. Certainly my view is that having a Netflix app built in isn’t going to make much difference on my decision to buy a new TV from this or that brand.
    Price is more important and as long as I get the main features which are decent sound and obviously a great display, I could care less about the ‘smart’ component.

    • Zach Gilbert

      Still nice having the app there vs. booting up a console. Mainly from a power consumption standpoint.

    • Shogun

      Power consumption? Its minimal at best. Sure its a nice feature but shouldn’t be a prime consideration when buying a new TV. If I can save a couple hundred or more on a new set while foregoing the ‘smart’ component then I think most will go for it and even more so given how so many people own consoles/set top boxes as is.

    • Zach Gilbert

      Anything is something with power when you live in Ontario. But no, I wouldn’t take ‘smart’ features into my buying process, that’s for sure. But if it’s there, I’ll still use it vs booting my Xbox OneS. That being said, a huge percentage of TV’s are ‘smart’ now. I recently picked up an LG something or other, with WebOS, which is nice.

    • The real Chug that Haterade

      We bought the new 4k 65 inch smart LG for our basement last summer and I absolutely love it. The Web OS menus are super fluid and the picture is amazing. If anything, I’d say 3D is a gimmick but not “smart” functionality as there is definitely a benefit (depending on your situation) to not having to hook up/turn on ANOTHER device just to stream a movie from Netflix, etc.

    • Jason

      Everyone has different needs. Our non smart tv died last year and I couldn’t wait for a smart tv. For me it’s the ability to have my computer ad tv sync so I can stream media without having to turn on 3 devices.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      I agree. Focus on the quality of the TV itself first…picture, reliability etc. Many of the built-in features/apps get out of date quickly. With a separate set top box you can swap out for a new and updated one easily and not be tempted to upgrade the tv simply because the built in apps are out of date.

      Reminds me in the old days of buying a TV/VCR combo.

    • The real Chug that Haterade

      Smart tvs aren’t a gimmick in the least…. they are essentially no different than a Roku or Apple TV… the functionality is just built right into the tv.

    • Jackson Pollock Painting

      but i don’t want an external console, keep it clean

  • Mad-elph

    While I understand what Shogun above feels. I too was anti ‘Smart TV’ for a long time. Then this year I pulled the trigger and got one of the aforementioned Sony 4K TVs that Netflix gave a nod to above. Having Android on the TV gave me a (probably false) sense of future-proof worthiness. But there are other useful features, namely Chromecast being built in, ability to load Android apps (such as kodi) and other apps not necessarily available on major consoles. It is a balancing act of course and I was disappointing by a few things, but those are mostly related to my specific unit purchase, or generally that not all Android apps work on Android TV.

  • JT

    I have a near top of the line 2012 Sony 3D LED Smart TV, which had a built-in Netflix app. Within about 2-2.5 years of owning the TV, the Netflix app was useless as I got the message that “Netflix no longer supports this app” and would auto-shut down the app on the TV. I had the same thing happen to the youtube app as well except I got 3-3.5 years before youtube no longer supported the app. I would never buy another TV marketed to have this app or that app. TVs are not like “disposable” smartphones that people should change every few years.

    • KiwiBri

      That was always my concern with these “Apps” for certain devices. I never have used the netflix app on my BD player or TV. Just on my Google Nexus player or my MacMini Home theatre PC

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