Drake’s ‘More Life’ breaks single-day album streaming record on Apple Music with 89.9 million streams


  • ciderrules

    But…but…but…Spotify has far more users than Apple Music. How is this possible?

    I bet a chunk of those 50 million users are the “free” accounts that you get when buying a phone or other similar promotions. Seems everyone these days is giving away a free Spotify account.

    • Tim

      I just use a modded apk for Spotify. Nobodies offered me a free account.

  • Xanth

    How?! Who buys his crap?! He’s quite possibly the worst recording artist in the history of music… what? Is he the only one buying his stuff?

    • Shogun

      You said it. Its just more proof how degenerate society has become that anyone honestly listens to this crap let alone that it earns ‘awards’ lol!

  • Marc Palumbo

    Drake. His More Life needs More Work. Just an absolute sham on the music industry. I really hope that number is a bug.

  • Ipse


  • Shogun

    This guy can’t sing for shjt and it amazes me that anyone thinks he has talent.