Netflix exec says interactive storytelling report was overblown

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Netflix’s senior vice president of original series, Cindy Holland, told press at an event in Los Gatos, California, that rumours concerning the potential of interactive content were overblown.

Holland noted that the platform has experimented with the choose-your-own-adventure format for an original children’s program called Kong, which debuted in April 2016, but that it is not currently considering the option for adult programming.

“That report was kind of overblown, it’s not something we’re experimenting with for any adult dramas we’re working on,” said Holland.

The report of an interactive storytelling format that would allow users to select alternate endings or even make choices related to character arcs came from an unnamed source quoted by The Daily Mail.

CEO Reed Hastings later added that the platform was likely trying the format on one or two other kid’s shows over the next year.

“If it works well, we’ll do more, if it doesn’t work well, you won’t hear about it anymore,” he said.