Facebook rolls out ‘Stories,’ another cloned Snapchat feature

Facebook Stories rolling out

Back in January Facebook revealed plans to bring more features from Instagram over to the social network’s iOS and Android app. Whether these features really originated from Instagram, or if Facebook borrowed them from Snapchat, however, is a completely different question.

As previously reported, Facebook stories are small Chat Head-like icons that sit above the social network’s main news timeline on mobile. Once a user’s icon has been tapped, users are able to view short clips that have been uploaded to the service. If this feature feels familiar, you’re not wrong. Facebook’s ‘Stories’ share a lot of similarities with other social media platforms, most notably Snapchat.

The update is rolling out to three additional countries. The lingering question, however, is whether or not users will actually use it given the same functionality is present in other platforms.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve received the update yet.

Note: A previous version of this post stated that Facebook was rolling the feature out globally, Facebook Canada contacted MobileSyrup to say it was just an expansion to three more countries, not a global rollout as previously thought.

Source: TechCrunch