Canadians can now purchase Home from the American Google Store, but can only ship to the U.S.


  • willy

    That’s so funny, I’ve had this delivered to my house in London On. Canada on Nov. 26 2016…. WOW not only that but with duty and in Canadian funds tax’s all in $148.56 all in….. But hay that is what can happens when you do some research…..

    • Yea, that isn’t possible. Canadian addresses are greyed out.

    • Eluder

      Hey likely got it through B&H Photo Video during a black friday sale. I got one back then as well for about $140 CAD after exchange etc and picked up a second one last month when I was in Seattle for about $10 CAD more. I’m loving my Google Homes!

    • willy

      Really why don’t you try some research on your own…. How about you try a site called B&H and tell me this again …. unless your calling me as liar…..

  • Shogun

    One thing I like about Google is that they let you use a Canadian credit card to purchase products available only in the US. For example I can get YouTube Red and bill it to my account here rather than having to get Play Store credit for the United States.
    Apple doesn’t allow this and so you end up having to purchase US iTunes gift cards. Silly

    • Very true! Though it is possible to trick Apple’s credit card system to take Canadian cards.

    • Lakh Jhajj

      How can we do that Patrick? If this is true it can be a life saver for me.