Google shows off its Amazon Echo competitor Google Home at I/O 2016


  • vn33

    Good for the consumer if you’re looking into this. Have to see what capabilities this will have, but eventually will see Amazon dropping the price for its models to compete.

  • Unorthodox

    Why do I have a feeling that Canadian availability will be like 6-12 months after US?

    • Adam Young

      I have the same feeling, Canadians getting the shaft again. Just like the Pixel if you buy one in the U.S you get a free VR headset.. what do we get 3 months free Google music woohoo.

  • Dion

    It would be great if it worked with Sonos.

  • Longtin

    This can save you a lot of time; when IoT becomes established google or apple will most likely dominate the virtual voice space where you can get her to do basically anything for you. Start the oven, poor the shower for you etc… Once the A.I. learns from your behavior for example every morning the first thing you do is shower, it will turn it on for you automatically without having you to ask. Interesting where they are heading with this. Eventually we could have a AR hologram woman speak to us.

    Sorry I forgot about Amazon. Wait where’s apple’s version of this ? September 2016?