Nest introduces two-factor authentication with latest update

Nest Cam

Smart home company Nest recently introduced two-factor authentication to its app.

Currently, Nest’s new security system is opt-in only. To enable two-factor authentication, users need to select the menu on the top left of the Nest app’s home page, then select Account Security and two-step verification.

Sign into your account again and two-factor authentication should be activated. The purpose of this addition is to prevent hackers from accessing users’ camera feeds or personal information.

This may stem from a 2016 incident when Princeton researchers discovered that Nest thermostats leaked customer zip codes on the internet. Furthermore, other researchers have determined that hackers would use Nest as an entry point to gain control of your home.

While some outlets state that two-factor authentication isn’t the most secure option, it’s still more secure than simply using a password.

Source: Engadget