Jaguar launches in-car payments feature in partnership with Shell


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  • Mr Dog

    This is very neat.

    • XY

      since when are we that lazy that we cannot take an extra few steps on foot to pay? Also I don’t get why use this feature when you still have to get out of your car to pump the gas anyhow. You already have pay at the pump via a tap feature.

    • Mr Dog

      It’s not about laziness its about being productive. I

      Right now:
      1. Insert Points Card, wait a sec
      2. Slide Out
      3. Insert Payment Card
      4. Wait for it to do its stuff, recognize card, prompt for pin
      5. Enter Pin
      6. Confirm I do not want a car wash
      7. Confirm the $ to authorize to my card
      8. Select Gas and Fill up
      9. Press for receipt and wait for it

      Can swap out 4/5 for tap if they have it.

      Hopefuly Future:
      1. Pull up to station
      2. Authorize with fingerprint or code
      3. get up fill fuel
      4. Get back in car and go

      Receipts are automatically archived in memory

    • XY

      Well if you can afford a jaguar you can afford to be lazy. I’m happy with my ford, paying myself in the store or at the pump and driving away. What jaguar is doing is pointless.

    • Mr Dog

      I cannot afford a Jaguar either but this is the direction in which the world is going. They are taking the first step.
      Why waste time waiting at a terminal when you can be on your way.