Google starts soliciting Pixel 2 design feedback


  • Garrett Cooper

    Reduce the bezels would be top of my list. I wanted a Pixel but when my Z5 died, the carriers were still asking full price. Now that it’s already been out a while, I might as well just wait for the next one.

    • ????????Marshall

      Did your Z5 die, or did you kill it? Warranty?

    • Garrett Cooper

      It got water damaged, so you can decide whether I killed it or it died lol. It was within the tolerances though. No warranty because I bought it on launch day, and this happened over xmas vacation.

  • meister

    All the above mentioned! If Google can couple waterproofing along with an SD slot.. a front facing flash for the selfie cam would be nice.

    • Eluder

      There hasn’t been an SD slot on a Google phone since the Nexus One I believe, so it’s likely that you won’t see it again on the Pixel 2; just seems to be the way Google goes for some reason.

  • Thomas Smith

    Get rid of the glossy back for 1, 2 bezel, 3 waterproofing, 4 expandable storage and 5 speaker

  • gommer strike

    Oh that’s easy. It has to be everything:

    – Huge bezel-less, best in class screen
    – Huge battery, as large as they can possibly make it
    – Premium look/feel and resistant to the environment be it drops, water, scratches, etc

    And it has to be cheap.

    Hey everyone’s pointing at all Chinese companies who made extremely inexpensive phones(due to almost entirely eschewing all marketing dollars and let social media do the heavy lifting for them). So why can’t Google do exactly the same with Pixel 2?

    Best in class specs and a low, zero-margin price. They make all their money off of ads anyways right?

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      And Why can’t Apple do the same? Oh wait they already charge above and beyond prices for the average consumer. I guess Being in a league of thier own when it comes to IOS means they can charge virtually whatever.

      However in all honesty I could care less what the pixel brings to the table for the next iteration. But as it stands I would want ‘One plus’ specs and pricing with a ‘pure’ Android experience. I’m sure I’m not in the minority when I make this statement.

      If manufacturers can produce upper midrange devices that can compete with flagship devices at HALF the cost I can’t see why Google wouldn’t compete in this segment.

    • thereasoner

      I think that Google entered the premium segment because no one else was stepping up to take on Samsung in that flagship price range. Samsung has become so dominate with Android, especially in premium flagships, the Android OS has become synonymous with them. I’m not sure that Google was comfortable with Samsung alone being the primary representative of Android at the premium level and I can’t say that I blame them.

  • TheCuddlyKoala

    Don’t copy the iPhone

    • ????????Marshall

      Apple copied HTC you insufferable shill.

    • TheCuddlyKoala

      You sound butthurt

    • ????????Marshall

      “Hurr durr, don’t copy the iPhone…”

      Fewer rocks thrown in the translucent-walled bungalow is sound advice for you.

  • thereasoner

    Besides the usual upgrades to the processor, cameras etc. I’d like to see IP 68 water/dust resistance, the glass back fully extended for wireless charging and smaller bezels. Better audio wouldn’t hurt either.

  • Smanny

    I really hope Google pushes Daydream VR a lot more with the Pixel 2. I also hope they allow multiple Daydream controllers on one VR headset. So one for each hand. Or better yet add a camera option for Daydream VR, so objects in the immediate vacinity could be tracked, including hands or other objects.

    I hope they put USB-C with USB type 3.1 speed. So Google could introduce a VR headset similar to LG’s G5 360 VR headset. It was the lightest and smallest VR headset on the market. However the resolution wasn’t as high as other headsets, and it only supported USB type 3.0 speed. I know the Pixels have all the fast tracking sensors built into every Pixel smartphone. However not every Pixel smartphone has the same display. This could also have the added benefit of making the Pixels a little cheaper to build. Instead just put the fast sensors and a really high resolution display on a VR headset. The Gear VR has a fast IMU built into their VR headset, but the gear VR relies on the Galaxy’s or Notes displays. Also Google could now make a really small smartphone like a Sony compact or iPhone SE, only it would be a small Pixel smartphone. Google could continue to make the larger models as well.

  • ????????Marshall

    Yeah OK, I’d have to say less bezel too. I can take or leave a more robust IP rating, in over 2 years’ usage the only time my Z3 got wet was when I deliberately got it wet.

  • Truly with chipsets like Qualcomm SD 835 the CPU has performance of a desktop from a few years back. I would like to see phone that would use USB Type-C port as a charge/display port interface. So when I’m at home I can plug it into a monitor or USB Type-C docking station (not a thunderbolt station just type-c 3.1) with DP out. Then use my phone as my desktop to process pictures on a larger 27+ screen, read articles in full browser. This kind of convergence would be truly useful and to some extent “groundbreaking”. 835 is MUCH faster than what is being used in ARM based chromebooks, so full desktop can definitely be supported.

    Another feature would like to see is replaceable shell design instead of the chase. Don’t give me an aluminum body or plastic body, etc. Give me a screen with sealed plastic back and then allow me to put tightly fitting aluminum or plastic “case”. We have these truly thin phones but then I add spigen case on it to protect from accidents and I end up with a huge heavy brick.

    But otherwise I would say Google should look at Axon 7 design for speakers. Xiaomi MIX for proximity sensors. Huawei P9 for camera, i.e. dual cameras with one without Bayer filter.

    Only one company had vision a few years ago – Ubuntu with their failed Kickstarter for their phone, which I backed, but I think that idea should still be quite alive especially considering phones already come with 6gb ram and may be more soon.