Watch the LG G6’s UX 6.0 user interface in action


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  • TP

    Not that the teaser video quality is bad, but I’m not teased TBH..even if I am very interested to see G6 unveiled.

  • hunkyleepickle

    cool, more ‘stuff’ on top of an already very streamlined efficient OS. Thanks LG, just what everyone has been asking for!

    • Android
      I’m an Android user and even I know this is a joke.

      Yes, I understand that manufacturer skins are terrible. I’m probably going to be downvoted for this but the iphone performs better with 2gb of ram than some phones do with 8gb. Android is many things, but streamlined and efficient it is not.

  • Brad Fortin

    I guess that answers my question about whether this phone will skip getting Google Play Services or Google will update the Compatibility Definition Document to allow an aspect ratio greater than 1.86. It’s too bad they weren’t willing to make the same concession so that the Passport could run Android with Google Play Services.

  • Jonathon__Lucas

    Has LG fixed the “BootLoop” problem it has with G4, G5, V10, V20? I’m NOT buying another LG phone until I hear different…….

    • TP

      Bootloop issue was only widespread for G4 and V10. There are still reports for G5 and V20 users, but I can find the same number of reports for any phone.

  • birdman_36

    If this keeps up, they’ll have nothing left to reveal. Lol

  • ash milner

    Its shaping up to look like this might beat out the Galaxy s8… at 0:09 of this video it points to show that they are coming out with 3 different models. And all have edge to edge screens with no bezel.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Doing more than two version of any given phone these days has proven not to be very profitable.

    Give us a descent screen size and a large battery capacity and we will be golden.

    on the galaxy line for me it will be a mix of the S6+S7

    So: the battery from the S7 edge, the storage of the S6 (64gb), IR from S6, SD support from the S7, IP68 from S7 and at least a 5.5 QHD screen or better