Rogers customers are losing the ability to charge upgrades to their bill


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  • Sean-Paul

    Wow….Well no new phone for me this year.

    • Jim Doyle

      You’re paying in-store instead of on your bill a month later. You can figure this out.

    • Dimitri

      Yes but not many will want to use their debit / credit or even cash during the upgrade. Not eveyone has that much Lets say the day of upgrading. Usually they built all that much and then Pay it off either the one bill or the next.

      Remember the highest iPhone is $599. The Note 7 was $449 I believe. Not eveyone has $500 in their pocket to upgrade.

      This was a really good thing but Rogers takes away the good things.

    • Shogun

      No it wasn’t. It was a trap to get people to buy phones they can’t afford. If you don’t want to use cash, credit or debit to pay that means you probably don’t have the money to begin with.

    • Dimitri

      I didn’t want to use neither at the time of doing the upgrade but I had the money. Just rather put it towards my invoice all together. to each their own I guess.

    • Shogun

      Well that’s fine for you but it’s not good business. One can easily end up with a $1000 bill at month end buying hardware this way and having a hard time paying for it. I prefer to keep my monthly bills separate from frivolous purchases that upgrades really are.

    • Dimitri

      Again to each their own but I see your point and it is true. I guess some like it the other way around. Hopefully though the device prices can come down but we shall see.

    • Shogun

      Yeh. Device prices are an issue along with the cost of plans more than what method used to pay

    • Bill___A

      Just wait a month, the effect is the same. I think this is a good move for Rogers and obviously the other carriers think so too.

  • C.L. E.

    Now we can finally use those in store promotions like $100 costco / $100 Wal-Mart card towards the upfront cost of the device like Bell or Telus customes have been able to do. I actually prefer this upgrade model….

  • Do Do

    Go ef yourself Rogers

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    So Bizarre – I don’t get this at all. I guess people must be not paying their upgrade phone bill and running away with phones?

    • Shogun

      Pretty much. Rogers has lost a ton of money doing this where people end up billing hundreds of dollars for upgrades to their monthly invoice and then end up not being able to pay it. Or they refuse to. Either way by forcing a person to pay up front the losses are mitigated

    • Jim Doyle

      Also think of the merchant fees Rogers pays for the millions of dollars in hardware they sell. If they can force some of these fees onto their partners (Box Box, Dealers) they will save big $$$

  • Peter

    if im not mistaken you can still buy the phone through care and charge the cost to your bill, you then wait to get the phone in the mail.

    • Dee

      “Customers will still see a $20 connection fee and any early hardware upgrade fee or FlexTab balance on their bill, but the subsidized amount for the new phone — for example, $199 down on a two-year contract for an iPhone 7 — must be paid at the time of the purchase, whether online, over the phone or in-store.” ONLINE….OVER THE PHONE….OR IN-STORE.

    • Nick Papasodaro

      The article is actually wrong about that, if you order your device over the phone everything will still be charged to the bill

    • Nick Papasodaro

      This is correct

  • awhite2600

    I don’t blame Rogers for making this change. It makes sense from a business perspective. When I upgraded my phone last spring I’d actually forgotten that everything was charged to your bill. While it was nice to walk out with a new phone and pay nothing, I’d rather have paid the $50 upgrade and kept my monthly bill the same next month.

  • Norm Osgood

    So let me see if I understand this correctly. I get a new phone on a 2 year contract. Price of phone is 200 dollars on said contract. So they want this 200 up front? If so nothing new. SaskTel has been doing.that for years.

    • JoMore

      Rogers was the only carrier that would let you pay on your next invoice instead of up front. Just like credit cards, people spend more when they don’t part with their money right away… Good ol “aahhh go with the more expensive option I’ll pay it off later” mentality lol

  • DownForced

    This also prevents fraud. Have heard of a case where someone’s Rogers account got hacked…the thief changed their mailing address and then called Rogers, ordered new phones and had them shipped to the new fake address.

  • XY

    i’m assuming they will pass this down to Fido as well?

  • Tarek Yassine

    this has been the case since late fall. nothing new here. launching on fido soon.

    • NotARogersEmployee

      it was only in 3rd party stores in fall, not corporate stores. Next week it’ll include corporate stores.

  • Andrew Trottier

    Walmart Wireless already has to charge the upgrade fees to fido and rogers in store.

  • heynow00

    I guess that means no more getting a phone at the store and calling retention when the bill comes out saying the guy at the store promised $100 off. But the connection fee is still on the bill?

  • dp

    Another totally useless mobile syrup article…

  • Dimitri

    You also made a mistake Rose. Here is a actual Rogers rep response on Facebook.

    “Upgrading via call centre will remain status quo and it will be charged on your invoice as normal. We’re only streamlining retail. Previously some third party retail stores were invoicing and others were charging upfront. Now all stores will be charging upfront. – Mahnaaz”

    So where did you see that if u call in will be charged immediately?.

  • Stephen_81

    What this really is doing is Driving using Online and phone tools over in store tools. It will cost less if they can off load mobile out of the stores but they need to make the customer get used to not using the stores for mobile, so now if you know you want an iPhone and you plan to pay it off over a couple of months on your bill, you don’t go to the store, you go online. It is a smack in the face and the pocket book of good floor reps, who will likely move to 3rd parties for a different commission structure.

    This change wont really change my buying habits but I do see the move to online as your go to direction.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    And they say there is no collusion