Uber might leave London, Ontario if a new in-car camera bylaw is approved


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  • Marc Palumbo

    I love how governments are pushing out competition to a market that is horrendously overpriced. Thanks a mill

    • Mo Dabbas

      If it is required to be on all taxi cars (which it is if you read the article) then I completely agree with the municipality of London. Uber is nothing but a taxi company that is hiding itself as a tech company. Cutting legislative corners like this is what makes uber prices lower than regular cab fares.

    • hardy83

      Yeah! How dare they enforce laws that in the end are about accountability and citizen safety!

      What’s next! Requiring nutritional labels on food!?

  • Not for you

    What a surprise /s

    Uber are only interested in one thing – their bottom line. They don’t care about the safety of their drivers or passengers.

    • Magic18

      I’m sure taxi companies install cameras in their fleet because they are not interested in their bottom line….

    • Not for you

      Of course they don’t. They also don’t pull out of a market when told to do so….

      Ugh, and now you’ve made me “defend” taxi companies.

    • Magic18

      Taxi industry don’t pull out of a market because they are the only player in town… There is no need for them to do so, all they have to do is comply and increase the base fare….. Uber is refusing to do that

    • Not for you

      Um, taxi rates are regulated. Companies don’t get to increase them on a whim.

      A case could be made to change that, but it’s the current reality.

    • Mo Dabbas

      It’s actually mentioned in the article “since all taxis currently operating in London are required to have cameras”. So if it’s a mandate on all taxi vehicles I completely agree require them on uber as well. Uber in the end is a form of taxi hiding as a tech firm.

  • Cody Williams

    I have been considering driving for UBER and its one of the first things I was considering as a MUST have. I would say a camera should be standard minimal acceptable practice for safety and evidence if something ever should happen like false claims, aggression, or such. Not sure why anyone would be against it.

  • Jason

    Is there a regulation for the type of camera because $1000 is really high? You can get a fairly good two-way dash cam for about $200