CRTC discussing effectiveness of the Wireless Code this week


  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    I’ll guess that the only one complaining about something here will be the ones that have seen the competition get away with something they have not. Cause none will even mention the word collusion. Or how (without actually talking) they all agree on about the same plans hikes and offerings to corner customers.

  • Tim

    monthly costs have gone up, device prices have gone up, customer service has, at best, stayed the same.

    yup. the wireless code is extremely effective.

  • paddle008

    Time to enforce payment plans instead of 2 year contacts.

    • Peter

      Id like to see this too

  • Bob Loblaw

    CRTC = Collusion, Robbers, Traitors and Crooks

  • Peter

    The CRTC is learning what the telcos already know a) canadians don’t look at their bills which is why so few of us know who the CCTS is b) canadians don’t take the time to understand their plans and c) canadians don’t ever want to pay for overages, even if they get all the alerts in the world. There is no ownership on the part of consumers anymore.

  • Techguru86

    How about discussing why Robelus can offer amazing data plans in TBay, Sask, Man and Que but can’t make them standard across Canada instead of the rip-off prices they charge elsewhere, they own the market in all Home services, so they aren’t losing money by any means and the infrastructure is already their so they can’t make excuses unlike Freedom who actually has to build their own network.

    • Mohamed Abdourahman

      competition, Sasktell,Videotron and MTS are competitors

    • Techguru86

      thankfully now we have Freedom who aren’t just regional only

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