Google Allo is slipping out of the top 500 rankings on Play Store


  • Perhaps Google should’ve just focused on making hangouts a better platform, and find a way for Google Assistant to be integrated into it? Maybe…

    • formulaphone

      I’ve been using Hangouts for ages. Not about to stop. I instant message and video chat with it. Why would I want to download two new apps to do the same things?
      The Google Assistant is cool and all, but I haven’t been using it as it’s been too inconvenient to get to.

    • (nods)

      They have two PERFECTLY good systems: Hangouts for messaing/video messaging, and Google Now for using voice commands. Google Assistant was a nice idea but kinda pointless to chat with her when I can just say “Okay Google” and Google Now gets to work.

    • thereasoner

      I think the Assistant is meant to supplant Google Now on their Pixel phones for voice interactions although the Google Now page with the auto generated personalized information continues to exist. It’s also reportedly going to be made available to other OEMs phones that won’t have their own AI installed and those others, like Samsung with it’s Bixby AI, will have users choosing between Google Now and Samsungs new AI for voice interactions.

      It’s actually kind of necessary when you think about it. If other OEMs weren’t interested in their own AI tech then Google could have just lent Google Now the new AI capabilities and name. As for Hangouts, my understanding is that it’s to become more focused towards the enterprise/business market whereas Allo with its clever AI is clearly better suited for the general public.

    • FlamesFan89

      I’m a hangouts fan myself, and wish they would just improve it, and get rid of Allo, but I have to admit, the quality of the video in Duo blows hangouts out of the water.

    • Zee

      Agreed 100%. Love the fact I can chat on Hangouts on my phone, then carry on the same conversation on my laptop, picking up right where you left off. Why not just keep improving Hangouts? Millions already use it. Google is fairly stupid sometimes.

    • lbwc

      Agreed. Or how about combining Hangouts with Google Messenger, Allo and Duo to make the ultimate de-facto Google communications app? Too many apps. The other problem I have with Allo is that it doesn’t have a desktop interface…something that I do have with Hangouts. That reason alone will keep me away from Allo.

  • jsebean

    Google has too many “messenger” apps or whatever this is I have absolutely no interest in even bothering. I use the default android texting app, discord and facebook messenger and I’m fine. I don’t care about the new Google messaging app that comes out each and every month.

  • gommer strike

    They should just refine Hangouts and make that thing run a bit nicer. Why do they need all these other chat apps?

  • K_p0w3r

    If they just added SMS integration (or better yet add sms integration back into hangouts) I would use it as my main app

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