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University of Toronto alumni funds $1000 eSports scholarship

Millions of parents tell their children growing up that playing video games won’t get them anywhere in the real world. This week’s news shows that, for at least one University of Toronto student in 2018, that won’t be the case.

UofT alumnus Victor Xin has decided to fund a $1000 scholarship in eSports, marking the first time video games have been part of a scholarship’s criteria for eligibility. Xin is a managing partner at Athena Capital Partners, an investment firm based in Toronto, and his aim in setting up the scholarship is to “help students who pursue leadership and personal development […] in a different way.”

The scholarship will be given for the first time in the fall of 2018 and will go to a full-time applied science and engineering student who has achieved a minimum 3.5 GPA while demonstrating a passion for eSports or gaming.

The winner will also engage in a leadership role and participate in extra-curricular clubs or activities, with course selection, academic projects and research also being considerations.

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