Videotron raising TV and internet rates beginning April 1st


  • Rev0lver

    “This notification comes on the heels of Telus and Bell’s own recent announcements that residential service prices were increasing due to infrastructure development costs. ”

    How is this not price fixing or collusion?

    • GottaLoveCapitalism

      Because its not, those terms imply active conversations happening between the companies to collude. This is what an oligopoly looks like.

      Here’s the basic explanation: you own a shoe store, so does your competitor who is across the street and you have basically the same shoes. You’re the only 2 shoe stores in the market. Your competitor decides to increase the price of shoes and you have a decision, either a) leave your prices where they are and temporarily sell more shoes until they go back to old prices or b) match your competitor’s prices and you both make more money per shoe. All you have to do is change the displayed pricing in your store.

      Keep in mind, people always need new shoes. Is this collusion? Did you have to speak to your competitor to make it happen?

  • Jon Duke

    First, I got no message but two, they lowered the price not long ago by a couple dollars so even with a 2$ raise, we’re still lower than it was before.

  • Benoit Bourdua

    No notice yet.

  • Mario Gaucher

    No notice yet…

    Independent IISP are lowering prices… and big telecoms are increasing… I don’t understand.

  • meister

    How ironic, I just cut my cable cords yesterday.
    <– Happy camper

  • fruvous

    They must see their subscribers as fools.

  • Bryan Hamon

    Just upgraded to the Hybrid 120 from Hybrid 30 w/unlimited so I’m paying them more anyway

  • Robert Martin

    a lot of Internet and Tv providers in Canada seems to be raising their price after the CRTC lowers the profits they can raise with third parties service providers