Freedom Mobile selects AT&T as its sole roaming partner in the United States


  • fruvous

    So much for the Freedom to choose.

    • Hello Moto

      What’s wrong with AT&T?

    • conmeonce

      Nothing is wrong with it… I just spent two weeks down there roaming with Freedom on AT&T and it was perfect. I used up my 1GB of data in two weeks and likely close to 1,000 roaming minutes – cost me not a cent. I love Freedom.

    • Brandon Arneson

      You could just get their Everywhere55 plan that has free Canada and USA wide roaming built in. Then you wouldn’t need the $15 addon

    • conmeonce

      This is what I have. Simply amazing

    • Brandon Arneson

      As long as u Make 50% of your use on the freedom mobile network that’s how you get to keep this amazing plan. I have it as well

    • I didn’t realize you have to use the freedom network, but I guess that makes sense. Currently I’m in northern Alberta, the freedom everywhere $55 plan sounds great, if I relocate to one of the local freedom areas. Just weighting the cost of roaming, could add up quick, best to leverage the free wifi. •15 cent / min Canada to US or Canada wide Calling
      •5 cent / Text Canada / US
      •5 cent / Text Global Texting
      •5 cent / MB Data

    • Brandon Arneson

      The 50% use agreement is in the terms of the plan. How did u even sign up to freedom mobile since you don’t live in their coverage areas which are Edmonton, st Albert,Sherwood park,nisku,leduc,fort Saskatchewan or Calgary?

    • Not a freedom mobile user, but I might become one of I relocate to one of their home networks.

    • MassDeduction

      If that’s what you have then it did cost you “a cent”, as if you had a domestic-only plan it would presumably be cheaper. But I guess you meant didn’t cost you any surcharges above and beyond your plan. 🙂

    • conmeonce

      Well… let me tell you a story, about a time before Freedom Mobile, a time before Wind Mobile, when there were just three choices.

      I had a “great plan” with Rogers – where I had 5GB of data, unlimited inbound calls, unlimited long distance in the United States, blah blah blah… it was a “good deal” at the time. Somewhere near $100/month

      I was going to the US, so I purchased an add-on – I think it was $60 or some such thing. As you can well imagine, I went over. I went over to the tune of $800.

      Fast forward to today… I pay Freedom $50/month for their freedom whatever plan, and I can use my phone anywhere in Canada – on Telus, Bell, Rogers, Freedom Mobile and anywhere in the US with AT&T.

      If you do math like I do math, that’s basically for free… no extra nothing. My one month of service with Rogers that month would have paid for 18 months of service today with Freedom.

      I like this sort of change. I was very happy to walk from Rogers (long after I paid that ridiculous bill, for the record).

    • Brandon Arneson

      You could just get their Everywhere55 plan that has free Canada and USA wide roaming built in. Then you wouldn’t need the $15 addon

  • joseph

    Dec 31, 2017?? A typo??

    • Hello Moto

      Funny they’re announcing this 1 year in advance. Must be very important 😉

  • bmccull

    T-Mobile’s John Legere has been really clear that “cable” operators would not be allowed to roam on its network.

    • MassDeduction

      Interesting! I wonder why? And last I knew, Rogers roams on T-Mobile (as well as AT&T) just fine. I wonder about Videotron and/or Eastlink?

    • bmccull

      The context was Legere’s predictions for the wireless industry in 2017. He forecasts Comcast/Time-Warner/Charter launching MVNO’s and a possible merger between Verizon and Comcast.

      He probably views Rogers as a wireless operator that has cable assets, as opposed to Shaw (and Videotron/Eastlink) who is cable with a wireless play.

  • JessieR

    This has been terrible for me. T-Mobile has Detroit covered way better than AT&T. I’ve been in the US without service for days… wish I never signed on with Wind.

    • keithzg

      Yeah I’ve always had far better service with T-Mobile in the US than AT&T. On the other hand, I live up in Edmonton, so it’s not like I’m going across the border on jaunts, though. So maybe I’ll just try and pick up a Google Fi SIM next time I’m down Stateside.

  • Mike G

    Mobilesyrup should do a follow on story to this. US data roaming access has been unavailable for 4+ days now to all Freedom customers. Freedom claims a technical issue but I rather doubt that. There must be some dispute between Freedom and AT&T or Freedom hasn’t paid their bills or some such thing and Freedom terminated T-Mobile so only have the one carrier now. Freedom isn’t communicating to their customers about the outage nor did Freedom communicate the termination of T-Mobile. It was a surprise to me when I cam down to Florida for the winter on Dec. 27. AT&T service where I am isn’t as good as T-Mobile. With this nonexistent data roaming service and poor customer communication I have no other choice but to terminate with Freedom.

  • Angelo

    The data roaming is still down…very disappointed with the service. Paying for a service that isn’t working.

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  • Sam Warren

    I am told that the service is back up and running. That being said I still have no data service and very limited cell service! Freedom Mobile really sucks currently!

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