Leaked images show Project Neon, Windows 10’s upcoming new look


  • E-mann

    Looks like a mix of iOS and material design.

    • Croc Ography

      Background for you: Microsoft had something called a Zune maybe over a decade ago, their software design looked very similar to what is above. Later they did expand on their software design when they designed their once called “metro interface” for Windows Phone.

      Much later on Android and iOS joined in and decided that good typography, lots of spacing, simple colour schemes and in Mac’s case, the blurring of info behind a glass like area, would be a good idea.

      What would be more technically correct to say instead of “looks a mix of iOS and material design” would be to say that MS has evolved their own design principals based on their own acumen and have now shown off a new mock-up of an evolved MS design language.

    • simphf

      You are correct. Thank You.

    • southerndinner


    • Background for you: Apple since the Lisa and the Macintosh had the vision for more than 1 sound playing at once on a desktop computer, also good typography and clean professional fonts [THEY CREATED DESKTOP PUBLISHING] and the ability to print bitmapped documents/graphics – working with HP.

      Microsoft was a half-assed follow-up with Windows 3.1 years later. Please learn full computing history before picking sides. Zune was Microsofts answer the the original and second generation iPod ever made and it had GREAT promise but it was trying to do too much without WiFi and the last model which was beautiful NEVER SHIPPED.

      Sincerely born ’73 – used computers since Commodore Pet, VIC20, 64, Tandy, etc..

  • jsebean

    Aero 2.0. A lot of hype about nothing.