Nuheara launches IQBuds wireless headphones with 18-hour battery life


  • haesslich

    At $400, they’d better offer AptX Low Latency and the best sound I’ve heard from an earbud, as for around that price I can get the Sennheiser Momentum 2 Wireless headphones which I know have very good quality sound as over ear cans.

    I’m more than a little doubtful about the battery life claims with that size of earbud, especially if they’re using ANC and decent drivers or balanced armatures.

  • Cowpoke

    It’s great that so many products like this are coming to market; should drive up quality and useability and drive down prices..

  • jay

    that price you may buy two pair AirPods and that makes double battery

  • Sweet

    A far better design than the AirPods. Expensive, but at least they’re practical and stylish.

    A few years ago there was a Swedish company that started a Kickstarter project for wireless earbuds that came with a little cylindrical container that you could use as a keychain. I don’t know if they were ever released.

  • Brandon

    considering the functions of the IQbuds, the fact their wireless, and the customizable app that come with it they seem to be the best in their class, especially considering if you’ve lost any hearing. For flying they’d definitely be my choice due to being able to block out the very annoying cabin noise, also great for crowded areas, pubs, restaurants, etc. Their design is stylish and a lot more practical for listening to MP3’s on the go compared to the huge headphones many seem to walk around with that almost require another backpack to carry them in or the current featureless airpods or equivalents