Canadian tech startup B-CITI launches smart city parking app in city of Sherbrooke


  • gremlin0007

    “ability to offer refunds for unused time, prepaid time credits, visual recognition and multi-city capabilities” So, how does it work? Instead of having a parking sticker on your car, you register your car on this app?

    • Patrick Ducharme

      No. you just enter the parking spot number in the App, you pay in the app from your balance. The visual recognition is in the app (you know the time left). Multi-city is in, but the balance is per city, so the pre-paid can’t be used in another city.

  • vn33

    “offer refunds for unused time”

    I doubt we will see this happens in a cash-strapped city like Toronto

  • Ipse

    Every f..g city has it’s own app…from Quebec City to Toronto you need 5 apps…ridonculous.