Offline playback comes to Canadian Netflix


  • Eluder

    Limited options to download though, kind of sucks that it’s not the entire catalogue.

    • Alex

      it works, and so far works on shows i’m watching. still, HUGE step up. finally, i can go to lunches to watch stuff

    • Eluder

      I had trouble finding something i wanted to download, so not that great yet.

    • Salinger

      The download option became available, LITERALLY, a few hours ago. And there’s far more available than just Netflix originals so I’m pretty impressed as a launch.

      It’ll grow as time goes on. Just be thankful the process has started. Give it a chance before getting too negative.

  • Grumpel

    Round of applause, users have been asking for this for 3 years…

    • AppleBerrySandwich

      Seems like a no-brainer.

      Now if YouTube would do the same!

    • Squint

      They kinda do… well in US at least, for now. YouTube Red, you can offline content, but it’s part of the subscription. Not a bad deal since it comes with Google Music Streaming service, and even better deal if you go Family. Hopefully it comes to Canada soon.

  • Gewurttraminer

    Too bad. Just finished binging The Crown and so I have nothing to download, at least for now.

    • Kevin Nicol-Guillemette

      Try 3% it a new show and it cool !

  • Rian

    Happy to finally see them doing this. Would be great to have an option to download to external storage as well, but I’ll take what I can get.

    • vn33

      You cannot download to external storage (ie. microSD card) ? If that’s true, guess I won’t be able to download too many things to my 32Gb Storage phone.

    • Gewurttraminer

      Well that would make sense because external storage is removable and ostensibly you could take that with you and do as you please which isn’t the intent here really.

    • vn33

      Yup, totally understand that reasoning.
      Have to get a phone with larger buit in storage next!

    • Steven Bitaxi

      I expect that it stores with the Netflix App, so if your app is on your SD card, you’ll have no problem.

    • AppleBerrySandwich

      That would allow piracy which I totally get – all I really want to do is watch something at lunch for 1/2 hour or at hockey practice while waiting.

  • mxmgodin

    Just in time for Christmas! I’ll probably download a bunch of stuff before heading to my parents for the holidays. They live in the country, and the internet connection there is… well… I’m not sure I can even call it an internet connection.

    Gonna be nice to watch some shows on my transit to/from work, too!

  • Chug that haterade

    I wish Netflix would add a simple enhancement to keep billing information separate from log in information…. either through sub accounts or using a pin to access the billing information. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I don’t want kids or other family members accessing my credit card information or changing my Netflix membership level.

    • Splum

      Exactly my thoughts!

    • While at it, require pin to go back to any “adult” account if logged in as child.

  • El Grande

    Download selection seems to be fairly random currently, not all Netflix originals are downloadable while some non original TV shows and movies are, and they don’t differentiate them currently so you have to go in and select them one by one to see if they’re eligible to be downloaded.

  • KiwiBri

    This will be super handy

  • Shane Kweens

    Nice! Now make it available on the website for PC use.

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