Shopify launches its first VR app Thread Studio

Shopify’s dedicated VR team has announced Thread Studio, the payment platform’s first virtual reality application.

Thread Studio is a new way of trying out t-shirts by transporting them to a virtual photo studio where they can be worn by a mannequin and viewed from different angles, all in VR. When you’re satisfied with a shirt’s design, it can be saved in a print-ready format and pushed out to the Shopify’s on-demand provider, Printful.

Shopify says that unlike most shirt customizers that only overlay a 2D photo over a shirt, Thread Studio utilizes 3D shirts modeled after real world proportions. Other items available to be viewed in Thread Studio including mugs, hats and various other types of merchandise. In a fun twist, users are also able to snap selfie-style photos of their creations and pose the mannequin in various positions.


Thread Studio is currently available for the HTC Vive with Oculus Rift support coming at some point in the future. It’s unclear if the app will also make its way to Samsung’s low-cost Gear VR. Thread Studio is available for free on Steam.