Google’s Pixel Launcher might use rounded icons and launcher shortcuts


  • Gurjot Mand

    I like it

  • Kent Ratke

    I wonder if they will force others to confirm by updating material design guidelines or simply shaving every app logo into a circle via software.

    • Acco

      It’ll probably be a combination of the two – given that material guidelines remain… guidelines.

  • RS

    blackberry’s android launcher had app shortcuts (widget popouts) before apple and google.

  • Omar

    It’s a small thing but I’d like for there to be consistency in the icons. Like either all icons fill the circle, or all the icons are “in” the circle. I think it’d make it look cleaner.

    • Mr_Smoosh

      that’s the awesome thing about android- just download an icon set you like with a launcher you like.

    • Bring icon pack support to Now and Pixel launchers please.

  • I hope the circle feature can be disabled. I like that Android features diversity in icons, rather than everything being a particular shape.