Pokémon Go has lost 79 percent of its paying players but is still very profitable

As expected, given the lack of new features introduced to Pokémon Go (not counting a new buddy system that recently launched) interest in the once insanely popular two month old game has quickly waned drastically.

Even with the stark drop in popularity, however, Niantic, Nintendo and the Pokémon Company’s augmented reality mobile title continues to make an immense amount of money.


According to a study by app tracking firm Slice Intelligence, Pokémon Go’s paying player population has dropped 80 percent since the game’s peak back on July 15th.

Despite this decline, Pokémon Go continues to rake in cash, with the mobile game making six times more revenue than the second most profitable game on the mobile market, Candy Crush Saga.

In other mobile Pocket Monster news, Apple’s iPhone 7 keynote last week, Niantic was on hand to reveal plant to launch a dedicated Pokémon Go Apple Watch app.

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