Drone Delivery Canada achieves semi-autonomous flight and guided pickup


Drone delivery systems probably seem a long way off.

Many Canadians don’t know that there are organizations within Canada dedicated to developing these systems and deploying them, namely, Drone Delivery Canada.

Drone Delivery Canada is a venture-backed technology firm based out of Toronto, Ontario. focused on implementing a commercially available drone delivery system throughout Canadian geography.

The company recently announced several new flight achievements that will bring them closer to achieving their goal of commercially available drone delivery.

These include achieving positive results on its payload pickup and drop off capabilities using its semi-autonomous pilot system. This feature enables automated take off, landings, way-point navigation and pre-programmed maneuvers. 

“This was a key accomplishment for us as we move closer to commercialization and are very pleased to report on this new success we have just achieved”,  said Tony Di Benedetto, the CEO of Drone Delivery Canada, said in a statement. 

“In addition to our recently announced retail partner (press release dated August 11, 2016) these new technical achievements are essential for future commercial operations. These milestones are a first for us, our customers, and are essential to DDC operating commercially,” he added. 

The company argues that drone delivery will change multiple Canadian industries which rely on (or will one day rely on) delivery services to operate, including restaurants, service Organizations, pharmacies, dry cleaners, retailers, grocery stores and postal services. 

Furthermore however, Drones Delivery Canada aims to help remote communities gain access to resources and goods which would have otherwise been out of their reach. The firm uses natural disaster supplies and resources as an example. The company is currently working with various stakeholders to pursue this initiative.

The website describes two potential forms of delivery, which include Depot to Depot, or Depot to Consumer. Drones Delivery Canada claims that it will continue to work with customers, universities and government bodies towards becoming operational.

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