How to stop WhatsApp from sharing your data with Facebook


  • RjPiston

    *puts on tinfoil hat* I’m sure that the checkbox is just for visual purposes anyways… is there any way to verify that they aren’t sharing data?

    • Carl Hall

      switch to BBM

    • RjPiston

      How will switching to bbm verify that whatsapp doesnt share anything to Facebook?

    • Carl Hall

      If you don’t use it, they wont share any data

    • RjPiston

      Yes, obviously… My question though was how we can verify the non-sharing of the data when the option is turned off.

    • TheShinraCorp .

      I suppose there is a way. In a sense that if there was a software like Wireshark for phones it’ll tell you what’s the destination IP that’s being sent to when using WhatsApp.

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      Switch to BBM solution won’t help. If you have 10 friends in BBM but 200 friends on Whatsapp, how will you ask all 200 friends on Whatsapp to switch to BBM?

    • Dix

      There are levels of security and privacy so a bank account password, or instance, should be more secure than a forum acount one — one safeguards money, the other a username and, maybe, some stars beside it. Likewise, some chats with certain contacts are more private then others and that privacy is a two-way street — if both parties agree on privacy, switching away from Whatsapp make sense for those specific cases, if not, than no.

      I do not wish to presume in your case or those similar to yours, but when contacts number in the hundreds, perhaps not all warrant the same level of privacy? Personally, I use Telegram for the private stuff and Hangouts for everything else. However I’m always on the lookout for greater privacy solutions in case Telegram’s originals ideals, like Whatsapp’s, collide with unpleasant realities.

    • Evan

      no one has 200 friends

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      I am just citing an example. I don’t want to know how many friends you have but I have over 250 contacts… Most of them, I probably chat with once a year but my point is… it is already a stable instant messaging solution and don’t need to install BBM.

    • Omis

      Easy. Just keep mentioning in Whatsapp Mazda 6 or any product that you aren’t really interested in. If you suddenly see a bunch of Mazda 6 ads in your web browser, you know they are selling information.

  • Pigs Can Fly

    Or just don’t use the Facebook app itself, Facebook is a bit easier to use and better in the web browser plus it lets you access messages if you set it to request desktop version.

    • Mo Dabbas

      for android user’s most phones can handle desktop view’s nicely. I mostly use opera on my phone because I can put it on Desktop view by default. But for iPhones they don’t handle desktop views that well. Even when with Opera, the phone struggles and freezes often (talking from personal experience using an iPhone 6 a while back). So you kinda can understand why the facebook app is important for some. I personally never install facebook or messanger app on my phone. they are just good at draining the battery.

    • Pigs Can Fly

      Tried Mercury browser?

  • willy

    Funny thing read this posting what five or six days ago with Android Central….
    The first thing I do is to disable F.B. with any new phone…. as soon as I read this five or so days ago deleted my WhatsApp acc. But thanks anyways…

  • Do Do

    I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t see the screen described in this article in whatsapp.

    • jo

      You have to open Whatsapp and select settings in the three dots near the magnifier, my account and then at the bottom.

    • Do Do

      Nope, nothing

      I have

      Change number
      Delete my account

      None of them lead to anything that allows me to opt out.