Pebble’s new update adds at-a-glance info and easier app launching

With Pebble preparing to release the Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core, software updates are beginning to hit the smartwatch manufacture’s older line of devices.

Pebble’s latest update, Pebble 4.0, tweaks the fundamentals of how the Pebble’s Timeline operates, both on the user and development side of the spectrum, as well as revamps the wearable popular Health app.


Now, when information appears in Pebble’s Timeline, users are able to view a simple at-a-glance look of upcoming notifications, removing the interaction step that was previously required. While a simple shift, this change alters how most users typically interact with the Pebble’s user interface.

The update also includes a new feature called App Glances that allows users to quickly view information in apps without actually opening them, altering how the Timeline user-interface works even further. Furthermore, four different apps can now be assigned to the Pebble’s various buttons, making it easier to launch apps.

01 Pebble Health

The Health App Pebble released a few months ago has also been revamped from the ground up and is much simpler to navigate, especially at a glance.

With fitness a health becoming a growing focus for Pebble with the launch of the Pebble Time 2, a smartwatch that features a heart rate monitor, it makes sense for the company to revamp the app.

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