Rogers is promoting its services with free Netflix Premium for a year

Apparently free Shomi just wasn’t enticing enough.

Rogers is now offering a free 12-month subscription to Netflix Premium to encourage customers to purchase all their telecom services from the company. To be eligible for the deal, which ends September 30th, 2016, Customers must add a service that results in them subscribing to Roger’s four major tentpoles: cable, internet, a home phone line and a two-year Share Everything wireless plan.

If customers already have all of those services, they can also activate the deal by adding a line to their Share Everything plan on a two-year contract — though this line cannot be a tablet, data-only or wireless home phone.

Customers who become eligible will receive an instructional text on how to activate their four-screen Premium plan, which is valued at $143.88, within 48 hours after their activation or installation is complete. The offer then remains valid until October 31st, 2016.

Existing Netflix users don’t have to make a new account to use the plan. They can have the credit applied to their own account, though users with a Basic or Standard account will have to switch to a Premium plan before applying the credit, and will have to be wary of switching back at the end of the 12-month promotion. An email notification, Rogers promises, will be sent at the end of the promotion warning of the change.

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