Terminated Ontario CRTC commissioner challenges his dismissal

Raj Shoan, the former Ontario region commissioner of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, has filed a legal action against the federal government challenging his recent dismissal.

Shoan was terminated on June 24th, 2016, days after a public hearing regarding the judicial review of a case, initiated in April 2015, that found him to have harassed a senior staff member over email.


According to a report from the Financial Post, the former commissioner is requesting that the termination be stayed until the judge in that case rules on the validity of the harassment claims, likely in September. Additionally, he questions whether proper procedure was followed as he claims he only had half a day’s notice before the termination was made public.

To top it all off, he alleges he was fired after reporting another commissioner for harassment to Minister of Heritage Melanie Joly on June 14th, and states that CRTC chairman Jean-Pierr Blais spread a “campaign of misinformation” about him.

Joly sent Shoan his first warning in February 2016. Issues included not only the workplace harassment allegations, but also accused him of writing negative tweets about the CRTC, disclosing confidential information in court filings, and making inappropriate contact with CRTC stakeholders, like meeting with video-streaming platform Shomi.

For now, the post for the Ontario region CRTC commissioner is vacant.

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