Lenovo says its bendable wrist phone could come to market in 5 years

Arguably one of the charged moments at Lenovo’s recent TechWorld event was when the company employed YouTube star Megan McCarthy to demonstrate a bendable tablet and smartphone that can bend around the user’s wrist.

After the surprise of seeing such an advanced-looking bendable prototype subsided, however, the main question was, when will consumers actually see a bendable phone on the market?

Maybe in five years, Lenovo’s head of mobile Aymar de Lencquesaing told CNBC at the recent Viva Technology conference in Paris.

“It’s hard to put an exact time frame on it. I think this is a product that could come to market in the next five years … the next couple is a bit aggressive, in particular because the equation of technology, novelty and price point. So you have to have a product that you can deliver the market that makes it a good value proposition.”

This may mean that Samsung will get the jump on bendable devices, according to a recent report from Bloomberg which cites sources familiar with the matter that claim such devices could launch as early as 2017.

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