How Bluelounge is determined to untangle and organize your cords

Until wireless technology adopted on a widespread basis are stuck using  a plethora of cords that are necessary to charge and connect our devices.

Accessory manufacturers have honed in on this market and released several tools to make your life slightly easier when it comes to cord management. Bluelounge’s products, which are now available in Canada through a partnership with Montreal-based Cesium, include a number cable management and organization products that aim to declutter cable-dense spaces.

While the company also offers a variety of design-centric solutions, including laptop and tablet bags, stands and chargers, “cable management is our most popular product line. Everyone can identify with that cluttered mess of cables in some form, so it’s a natural entry point for people,” said Dominic Symons, founder of Bluelounge, in an interview with MobileSyrup.


I started Bluelounge as a design studio that provided product and graphic design services. Five years into doing that, we launched our first product and gradually transitioned away from providing design services to designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling our own products,” said Dominic.

“Our first product was Cableyoyo, a cable management product which was designed to coil accessory cable slack, and we just went for it. In our first year, we sold 120,000 units and we were awestruck. In 2016, to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we reimagined Cableyoyo for a modern audience and relaunched it as an earbud cable wrap.”

“For me, innovation is inspired when I transition to a new device. That’s when I’m really able to identify how to make the user-experience better. With the number of devices growing and the market getting more and more crowded it’s become harder to differentiate. We set ourselves apart by creating products that not only make life easier, but also look good doing it – products that we love using, ourselves. Our goal is to design products that become an important part of your life.”


The company offers several cable management products, such as the Cableyoyo that keeps your earbuds organized and the CableDrop, which allows you to manage your cables on your desk, nightstand, or even kitchen counter in a secure and organized fashion. The CableDrop comes in a few different sizes, to allow for organization of cables of varying widths. Another product that Bluelounge has developed is the CableBox and CableBox Mini. Both are meant to hide the clutter of power bars and other cables underneath your desk.

“We decided to expand into this category of cable management because we have a history of working with these accessories. Once we discovered Bluelounge we connected with them because the products are functional, niche, innovative, and well designed,” said Cesium’s Lucia Luras. “It’s important because cable management compliments all the current accessories we have available.”

Cesium has been in the wireless accessories CE market since 2003 and the company holds an exclusive partnership with Bluelounge in Canada, currently stocking 25 products . The company’s goal is to expand the offering and make other cable management products and accessories widely available in big box retailers.

All Bluelounge products are available on the SyrupShop.