How Bluelounge is determined to untangle and organize your cords


  • Scott

    Shouldn’t this be marked as an advertisement at the top of the “article” ..?

    • You got something against native advertising?

    • Scott

      when it’s embedded advertising disguised as an news article then yes. There’s no need to be deceptive, just tell me that it’s an ad.

  • Ted

    I have used BL products before. The cord organizer is actually really good. That earphone roller thing the inside metal is kinda rough and edgy.

  • There’s a cheap and easy solution to messy cords; for earphones, I just wrap them around a small piece of cardboard. For permanent location cords I just wrap them until I reach my desired length, then tie rubber bands or string around the wraps to hold them in place.

  • Thomas Milne

    No video of these things in action?