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YouTube to gain ability to live stream within mobile app


A new era has arrived in the mobile space that brings live video content to the forefront.

Facebook recently rolled out Facebook Live, while Meerkat and Twitter’s Periscope have been battling for mindshare for the last two years. Google is now entering the market and announced plans that YouTube will soon roll out a feature for users to live stream directly from their mobile device.

YouTube has been offering live streaming since 2011, with the first instance being when the company highlighted the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. More recently, over 21 million people watched Coachella unfold directly on YouTube. However, with the addition of mobile live streaming, Google will give access to over a billion users around the world the option to immediately connect to an audience and share their experience from their smartphone (no indication yet of tablet integration).

youtube mobile live streaming

“Because it’s built right into the YouTube app, mobile live streaming will have all the features your regular videos have—you’ll be able to search for them, find them through recommendations and playlists and protect them from unauthorized uses,” says Kurt Wilms, product lead of immersive experiences at YouTube. “And since it uses YouTube’s peerless infrastructure, it’ll be faster and more reliable than anything else out there.”

While it’s not yet available to the masses, currently only five creators (The Young Turks, AIB, Platica Polinesia, SacconeJolys, and Alex Wassabi) have access, YouTube notes that mobile live streaming will be available to more people “soon.”

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