Facebook Messenger inbox moves from chronological to ‘relevant’ format

Facebook Messenger is undergoing a pretty significant user interface change to its home screen right now, moving from a simple list of recent conversations to prioritized sections.

With the new UI, users will still see a handful of their most recently active messages at the top of the home feed, which will be followed by a favourites section that features thumbnails of the friends and family they message most often. Under that are friends with birthdays, which is handy for quick birthday greetings, and further down are friends that are currently active on the platform.

“With these updates, we’re aiming to make Messenger simpler to use by presenting more relevant information,” says Facebook.

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger announced several new features and changes recently. Yesterday, June 15, it publicly announced its latest in-chat game, soccer keep-up.

One June 1, Facebook rolled out new standardized emojis that are larger with a stylized look in comparison to the standard unicode ones.

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