BlackBerry signs new 1-year secure alert systems contract with Pentagon

BlackBerry has been slowly losing ground in the mobile security world and has been shedding enterprise clients for a number of years now. However, many governments and important security organizations still rely on BlackBerry devices for secure communications, even if their consumer products don’t perform that well anymore sales wise.

This week, BlackBerry signed a one-year agreement with a civilian security agency in the United States working with the Pentagon, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency. While the mobile company hasn’t fared so well lately in device sales, BlackBerry is still trusted with secure services, and that’s what this contract is all about.

As part of the contract, BlackBerry will continue to provide alerts, messaging, and emergency notification services for a number of US Defense Department buildings in Washington, DC, including the Pentagon.

The services will remain in use for 37,000 Department of Defence employees, and the contract includes the possibility of renewal through 2020 after the first year.

The value of the agreement has not been disclosed.