Android Auto will soon run on your smartphone

As per the announcement made at Google I/O 2016, users no longer need a compatible car or third party program to use Android Auto.

Google confirmed that in an update coming later this year, Android Auto is capable of running entirely from an Android smartphone, while offering the same features as if it were built into a car.

This means that drivers will be able to use its voice-recognition software to answer calls, play music and navigate their smartphone’s user interface.

Furthermore, Google says the app is able to respond to “Ok Google” commands, rather than having to push a button on the console first. It was also announced that Waze map integration will be coming to Android Auto as an alternative to Google’s navigation app.

In addition, as long as the ride is Wi-Fi enabled, the app will beam the in-car interface to any mobile devices in the same vehicle.

Automotive manufacturers have also been invited to participate. Google has asked automakers to develop brand-specific features for Android Auto that drivers can access without leaving the app.

Honda and Hyundai will be releasing their own Android-Auto-compatible software, making them the first two car manufacturers to do so. According to Engadget, these integrated apps will likely include services such as roadside assistance and monthly service reports.

Last year, Hyundai became the first company to adopt Google’s automotive software by making it available in the 2015 Sonata sedan.

An exact date for these updates wasn’t announced, but it’s expected that the rollout will begin sometime later this year.

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