AT&T’s unlimited Canadian roaming plans are cheaper than equivalent plans from the Big Three [Update]


  • Lexcyn

    This is a whole new level of sad.

    • rgl168

      I supposed that you are referring to the quality of the article.

  • Hello Moto

    Big difference. Robellus are competing at increasing prices, not lowering it.

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  • Taylor H

    Your article is not true. Did you even read the press release? The 15GB plan only has Mexican roaming. You are required to get the “unlimited plan” for Canadian roaming, but you can only get that if you get TV service through DirecTV or AT&T.

    • Rose

      Thanks for the comment. Check out the above updates.

    • That kinda makes it on par with ours because you don’t need a tv service to use our add-ons

    • I think you may need to take a closer look at the press release. Nothing Rose discusses in this article is factually incorrect.

      We’ve updated to the story to make some of the fine print regarding these plans slightly more clear.

  • rgl168

    There are lots of problems with this article, as another reader had said:

    “Starting May 20, customers can get our new Mexico roaming feature for no additional charge when they switch to our new Mobile Share Value 15GB and higher plans. This means customers on a new Mobile Share Value 15GB and higher plan get unlimited calling, texting, and use of their plan data in and between Mexico and the United States.”

    “New and existing customers with an AT&T Unlimited Plan can say goodbye to roaming charges in both Mexico and Canada. Talk, text and use data in and between the United States, Mexico and Canada for no roaming charge.”

    [Fine print: If talk, text or data usage in Mexico and/or Canada exceeds 50% for two consecutive billing cycles, AT&T may remove roaming feature. After 22GB of data usage, including in Mexico and Canada, AT&T may slow speeds. Unlimited Plan requires eligible TV service.]

    • ABCONMan

      And I’m fairly confident the ‘eligible TV service’ is Premier (their top DIRECTV package).

  • Techguru86

    This is why Mobilesyrup has become a pretty cringe worthy site for news, articles are poorly written or extremely biased when it comes to reviews

    • Francois Roy

      Who greenlit this article, and most importantly, why hasn’t been pulled yet?!

    • southerndinner

      It’s total trash now. Bader gone means quality control is gone with it.

  • Tom

    Meh I have a 20gb data plan for 65 dollars Canadian before taxes after it’s 70 bucks

    • Wow! What are the details?

    • jack

      Must be some corporate deal only he can get through work, I still have the old 6GB for $30 bucks through my work,

    • Jason

      Same, that was the last good promo they had and that was almost 5 years ago. But ya some of those corporate plans are ridiculous.

    • Tom

      Not corporate. They offered 10gb when I first signed up. Later on they stated that for 10 dollars you could double your data for 10 dollars extra. Check out red flag deals. You would have had to been savy to have picked up on this but hey it might come around again.

  • GottaLoveCapitalism

    What a misleading article, this is exactly like the skinny TV packages here that require unlimited internet. Total clickbait.

    Forcing you to pay $250+ for 15GB of domestic services + a tv package + ‘free’ roaming isn’t quite as good a deal

  • Petey Cee

    ATT’s Cricket Wireless MVNO already has this on the US$50/month and up plans. High speed data, voice and text while in Mexico or Canada. It’s still a better deal than ATT.

  • canucks4life

    Wish CRTC would chime in about rollover data

  • caveat71

    The AT&T “deal” is no deal. The volume of voice calls has fallen to all-time lows and texting is dropping just as precipitously. Data is the money maker and to get the “deal” you have to sign on for 15GB plans to get Mexico and unlimited plans + DirecTV to get Canada.

    T-Mobile has been doing Canada/Mexico since 2015 without being an “extra add-on” it just come standard with ANY of their plan data sizes and includes unlimited talk/text and full-speed LTE roaming data in Canada/US/Mexico.

    Before you say “the coverage” for TMO…keep in mind I am yet to find a place along any highway corridor in the US that isnt covered and if your “home” has poor service they will GIVE you a LTE femtocell to plug in to your internet connection for free to provide coverage at your home…

    When in Canada, I roam predominantly on Telus and Bell but Rogers is also available. Price? I am paying $57 USD/mo taxes in for a 10 GB data plan with unlimited music streaming (not against data bucket), unlimited calling in US/Can/Mex, unlimited texting, unlimited 3G global data, data stash (rollover) and bing-on video (US only).

    That…is a deal and what allowed me to finally ditch the two phone carry.

    • HotMess

      I have a T-Mobile line that I use while in the USA, but where I reside in Canada, it’s not feasible for me.. I had my TMO line shut off after 45-days of consecutive roaming in Canada for “excessive roaming” even though only a few texts were sent/received and maybe 25MB of data was used.. In their TOS it states “Not for extended international use; you must reside in the U.S. and primary usage must occur on our U.S. network.” – Thanks John Legere 🙂

      I will agree with you that TMO’s service has gotten MUCH better over the past few years, it still fails to satisfy my expectation set by Bell here in Canada.. I don’t remember the last time I had no service or dropped a call and I travel frequently for work to rural areas, even sit on conference calls while driving for extended periods of time! When I’m traveling in the USA mostly on the east coast I bet I’ll lose service at least once an hour while driving which isn’t acceptable from what I have become accustomed to.

    • caveat71

      For the cutoff- that applies to all carriers even VZW’s international roaming. You have to predominantly use the service in the US each month, which isn’t a problem for me including the residential piece.

  • samuelmaskell

    The $60 prepaid plan (unlimited talk & text, 5gb data) also has free lte roaming in canada & mexico.

  • southerndinner

    Nice to see Mobile Syrup has devolved into click bait.