Chatr adds new unlimited data plan for Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton

Today, Chatr launched a new plan for Calgary, Edmonton and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that offers unlimited Canada-wide talk, international text and unlimited data for $40 a month.

This price is a significant reduction from the rest of chatr’s in-market plans, none of which offer unlimited data. For instance, for those who are not in the above three zones, a comparable plan with unlimited Canada-wide talk and text plan and 1 GB of data is $50.

The data package in the unlimited plan, however, allows for only 1GB at 3G speed. After that the data speed will drop to 2G and remain there for the rest of the month. For $5 a month more, customers can upgrade to get 2 GB at 3G speeds, and for $10 more they can get 4 GB at 3G speeds.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.40.00 AM

These prices also only apply within those aforementioned three zones. When a customer leaves the GTA, Calgary or Edmonton they will have to pay-per-use for their services which is 25 cents per minute for calls, 25 cents per text message and five cents per MB of data.

Shailendra Gujarati, VP of Chatr Mobile, stated in the press release, “Whether they are just arriving in Canada or entering a new chapter in their lives, we understand that our customers are looking to stay connected at an affordable price. With these unlimited zone-based plans, we are providing them with more choices that are simple to understand, cost-effective and worry-free.”

The release also notes that 3G speeds customers can generally browse, email, watch videos, use social media and share large files, while at 2G speeds they are generally able to browse and email but will notice a difference when using higher bandwidth applications such as streaming video or downloading large files.

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