Microsoft says Windows 10 user base now tops 270 million 8 months after release

At Build 2016 today, Microsoft revealed that the latest iteration of its operating system now has 270 million users, up from the 110 million Windows 10 users in October, 2015. Windows 10 users have also spent 75-billion hours using Windows 10 since the operating system’s launch eight months ago.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella opened the conference’s keynote by stating Windows 10 is “off to an amazing start,” and emphasized that the company plans to “open up both the PC and Xbox to new opportunities to developers.”

Microsoft also revealed a number of other interesting numbers related to its OS, including the fact that the company now has 1.2 billion Office 365 users. The company also reported that over 5 million businesses are already part of the company’s Azure Cloud directory.

Furthermore, Microsoft says over 5 billion quests have been pushed to the company’s AI voice-activated assistant Cortana. In terms of retail, Microsoft says the company’s digital  Windows Store has been visited 5 billion times.

Finally, Nadella revealed that 500 new devices designed for Windows 10 have been launched by the tech giant’s various manufacturing partners.