Moto E 2nd Gen receives Android 6.0 Marshmallow in Canada


  • Leif Shantz

    What about my LG G3?

    • Eric M.

      Your point being? This is a Motorola phone…

    • Eric King

      It’s a fair question. It still has to do with Telus’ update schedule and relates to the same software. An update would be appreciated.

    • Tim3Tripp3r

      Telus is not doing a very good job at keeping the update schedule. The Moto X Play got delayed once before it went live, the Moto E 2nd gen was delayed as well then came out ahead of the revised timeline. So I wouldn’t take everything as the gospel from the update schedule but I have to say that they (Telus) has eventually followed through with the game plan.

  • St. Misery

    Pretty impressive for a phone that’s currently selling for $80 outright at best buy.

    • Tim3Tripp3r

      My sister scooped it for $49.99 on London Drugs boxing day sale this past Dec. Definitely a leader in it’s class (entry level) IMO. I also have on as a backup to my DD phone. Just doing the update as we speak.

    • MoYeung

      London Drugs is now selling this phone for $79.99 sale price.

  • thereasoner

    Good on Motorola. I don’t think that anyone eles in the industry besides Motorola even provides one new OS version update to these kinds of dirt cheap entry level phones.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      Initially the Moto E 2nd generation wasn’t even going to see the marshmallow update.. The fact they decided to come around and release it anyways (especially for a entry level device) is definitely a Thumbs to Motorola /lenovo

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      Yes, thumbs to Motorola/Lenovo! Thumbs!

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      Meh sometimes you miss words sometimes you don’t.

    • wewewi

      All the fuss that was made (by USA-based medias) was about the US carrier versions. Which will never get the update.
      The international version was always on track to get it.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      Actually your wrong… Motorola Canada clearly reached out at one point to mention the Moto E Would not receive the update at all after a post was made by Patrick regarding which Motorola devices would receive marshmallow and which would not.

      The E was never expected at all period! and I made sure I looked into it a third time before posting this.

  • MoYeung

    Downloading system update now.

  • canucks4life

    My phone is now stuck in a boot loop after update looks like a hard reset coming

    • MoYeung

      How to do hard reset on this phone?

  • Acco

    2nd paragraph, Motorolla -> Motorola 🙂

  • Andriod

    I’m using Motorola droid series phone and it just got snubbed wont get 5.0,
    6.0 for an Moto E 2nd gen nice!!

  • Brad Forbes

    The LG G3 is still running 5.0.1 .. They skipped 5.1 ! We were told that the LG G3 would be getting 6.0 by the end of February , It is the end of March and still nothing .. They wonder why people root their phones and install customer mods

  • jay

    Galaxy S6?

  • Charles

    I’m on wind, mote e 2nd gen. I will not wait with baited breath. This update hoax has gone on for half a year, so I’ll expect it to be a few days yet.

    • Gerald Cuipka

      Mine updated on Wind ,then went into an endless start up loop