CRTC and US Federal Trade Commission sign deal to fight spammers and telemarketers


  • Travis (Barrhaven)

    Issuing fines, and collecting fines are two entirely different things. Let’s see how much the CRTC has actually collected – the real indicator.

    All the Canada spam laws have done is reduce the amount of legitimate emails that reach my inbox. I’m still receiving spam, it hasn’t done anything to reduce it. The only reason why I’m not pulling my hair out is because I change my email address I use often enough on my mail server, so I thwart spammers pathetic attempts.

    The CRTC needs to realize this is a war they cannot win. They should put their efforts into combating broadband and television price gouging, privacy violations, net neutrality violations, and encouraging healthy competition through reasonable tariff rates for CBB and TPIA access.

    • aaron

      If you think CRTC fight for average consumers then I got a bad news for you…

    • Gloomfrost

      And this is ok with you aaron? What’s the point of your comment, let’s push for change instead of becoming complacent.

    • aaron

      Its not okay but theres nothing you can do…

  • El Capitan Morgan

    Instead of increasing some of the government services fee, perhaps they should just increase telemarketing fines to ten times. Lol

    • Brad Fortin

      Better yet, make the fines proportional to the size of the scammer’s business by taking a large percentage of their gross revenue. “What’s that? You only made 21% margin this year? Sucks to be you, the fine is 50% of revenue. Good luck staying in business.”

    • gommer strike

      But then they can just cook the books and misreport their revenue, to counter you.

      There’s a weirdness to things where we can’t just magnify their fines to ridiculous levels. We can fine them, but the fines can’t be overly crazy.

    • Brad Fortin

      Then conduct an audit when imposing the fines. If it turns out they’re trying to reduce their punishment for one crime with another crime they’ll get caught and face further fines, and with fines proportional to revenue there’s only so many times you can do that before going bankrupt.