Nexus 5X performance-enhancing OTA update now rolling out


  • Paul Day

    I find the camera is still laggy – maybe even moreso. I agree regarding the rest of the improvements however.

    • Gumbopudding

      I’ve seen others say the same. Phone peppier but camera not. Some say it was good for a day after the update. Considering it is so hit or miss on who will be hit with this issue or not I wonder if there was some kind of manufacturing flaw in play hitting certain lots.

      Shame though, I just don’t want this kind of hassle with my next phone. Thanks for posting your experience.

    • gommer strike

      Well one of the biggest things is – you get what you pay for. Now granted this is a $500+ phone, so you kinda expect it to be a certain level of quality.

      But some things are easier to put up with if you haven’t paid very much for it(or paid less, compared to other competing handsets).

    • Gumbopudding

      Well yes and no. This phone is basically a g4 redone with new features. People can’t pin point the problem. Plus the issue doesn’t happen for after usually a month, but for some it’s out of the box in a day. No matter the cost, it should not happen. It really is enough to turn me away. They should have let Huwawei make both.

    • gommer strike

      hmm. I am wondering if it might be a resurfacing of the weird storage chip issue which was seen in the Nexus 7 2012 tablet. The device would eventually slow to a complete crawl, to the point that touch inputs would be delayed 2 – 3 minutes later(it’s happened to mine too).

    • Curious if clearing your partition cache might help with this. Or a factory reset. But if others are reporting it too, most likely that’s been covered.

  • Shawn

    My wife reports that her phone seems better. She didn’t even think about it, which is good. Because for the past few weeks she has been telling me her phone was having consistent performance problems.

    The fact she has thought of it since the update implies the phone is running better. But she’s been busy at the same time.

  • Jesus McDongswoggle

    Welcome improvements to my phone, yay!

  • jndvrk

    Can anyone recommend a good site that keeps up with Android related phone issues? This didn’t get any coverage until the patch was imminent, There isn’t a peep about Nexus 5’s power button problems anywhere either.

    So, anyplace that keeps track? That hopefully isn’t scouring forums or reddit posts?

    Half a dozen people sit on their iPhones and we get the latest *gate that the entire tech press seems to go crazy over, but there hasn’t been anything about N5’s seemingly very prevalent hardware troubles (yes, I’ve got one, so consider me biased). This 5X business seems to be going down the same way, why are we getting ‘look at this great patch’ story, but not a ‘watch out the phone is slow and needs patching’ stories.

    • Ali F.

      I have two Nexus 5 and they both have power button problem. One must be pushed a bit hard to work, the other stuck sometime causing the device to reboot.

    • jndvrk

      I’m on my second N5 with the same issue, my buttons get stuck causing reboot. (currently using a proximity sensor app to wake the phone while I figure out replacement options – the second phone at least made it out of it’s warranty period)

      The best part has been getting support for it. Call Google, great friendly support, and it’s pretty obvious that it’s a very frequent issue – didn’t have to go through any trouble shooting, just explained it’s the power button.

      They transfer me to LG. Again, decent friendly service, explain that they’ll send a shipping label and all that, for free, so far really great, and what I expect coming from Apple land.

      Oh, but wait, once they realize my Canadian address, they stop and need to transfer me to the LG Canada – I guess the issue is really prevalent as not one along the way even looked up my account, they just heard stuck power button and started down the get-out-a-replacement-phone checklist.

      Get LG Canada on the line. Get told to send in the phone at my own expense to one of their service centers, they’ll have a look at it, and possibly send a replacement if they deem it to actually be the power button. Ask about my experience a couple minutes earlier with LG USA and get a ‘yeah, nope, not in Canada, sorry’.

      Anyway, the 5X was on my shortlist, but I just don’t think I can trust Google/LG hardware again. Also, while I expect that for most people the power button issue comes up about a year in, it’s still really strange to not see it get mentioned in the press at all, particularly with everyone’s supposed iBias.

    • Ali F.

      I will give it a shot and contact google Canada.

    • danbob333

      Four Nexus 5 here, none of them have a power button issue that you are describing. However I disabled the double click to open camera as it caused trouble.
      Have you consider opening the case to check if it can be fixed?

    • Ali F.

      I will call google first, if they say no, then I might give it a try.

    • Shawn

      I also was surprised to hear everyone being excited that the 5X was getting an update that would fix all it’s problems. We had just purchased the 5X for my wife and she was starting to complain a lot about the performance issues. I had just spent weeks looking into it on and off and didn’t see anything about this. Might have changed my purchase if I knew.

      So I feel your pain. (Maybe it was a new issue? That’s why it wasn’t covered in the reviews?)

      Doesn’t the 5X have it’s own reddit, which is where info about the patch was originally posted?

    • Ali F.

      Sometimes one app could cause performance issue. My wife had a samsung galaxy s4 and she had Shomi installed on it without any issue. She upgraded to Galaxy S5 and all went well until she installed Shomi, the device became terribly slow and laggy. We factory reset, clear cache, and tested it and it was perfect, then we installed only Shomi, the phone went again into laggy issue. Now she has a lot of apps except Shomi and it works like a charm!

    • gommer strike

      Well a big reason for this is – the iPhone is the biggest target and easily the one which makes headlines for any issues(and most importantly, web traffic hits).

      The whole Google Nexus thing still isn’t exactly a household name. That and for many other reasons would be why talk of the issues would be confined to a reddit thread or Google forums.

      The reason why you see articles more slanted towards the “new patch for 5X!” is due to how much stock android is touted as the best by the specific site. It’s fine to live with a few flaws given how great the rest of the experience is. I used to own a 5X myself, but returned it as I wasn’t happy with the creaky build and overall budget feel of the device(just handling the device normally and you could hear/feel the plastic creak in the back).

    • Igor Bonifacic

      Unless it’s a widespread issue, then you probably won’t see something about it on MobileSyrup, or for that matter, even websites like Android Police. Your best bet is the Android sub-Reddit. With only Patrick, Ian and I on writing duties, we don’t have the bandwidth to cover everything. I wrote this story yesterday with about 10 minutes left in the work day.

      Anyway, the type of manufacturing issues that usually get covered are the ones that effect a lot of users. A good example is the over heating issue that put something like 50 percent of Xbox 360s out commission.

      Otherwise, it’s hard to keep up with every little issue that affects the countless smartphones that are currently out on the market. I have a Nexus 5X and even before this patch I found its performance to be pretty good, especially for a device I paid less than $400 to get.

      Anyway, sorry you’ve gotten so many lemons!

    • jndvrk

      Haha, I thought I was over it, but guess not.

      Thanks for the reply. Yeah I completely get it, and I don’t expect you guys specifically – or any general tech site – to cover things like this, the entire site would just be non-stop patch notes and complaints about things.

      I was just curious if there was a site out there that kept track of complaints/issues about phones. I know there’s phone specific sub-reddits and forums, which are probably the best bet. But, maybe some keen and/or crazy individual with lots of time on their hand decided to run a site that compiles all the info into a easily readable/followable chunks?

  • satori3000

    Yeah, Camera is super laggy, can’t figure out why either, it’s not like it’s doing anything that any other phone isn’t doing.