Upcoming Nexus 5X OTA update will fix performance and stability issues, says Google


  • blzd

    Hopefully now everyone is able to experience their 5x how it has been performing for myself. Smooth and snappy and faster than my Nexus 5 in gaming and camera performance, the only 2 areas the N5 performance was lacking.

  • Naveed

    I am from the impatient group and will flash the factory image shortly today. Let’s see if this update will fix the Bluetooth issue I have been running into for so long.

  • Mo Dabbas

    Would this update add an extra ram to the phone??
    Because that’s really the only problem I found with it (before I send it back to Google). Apps do close fast so if you have 4-5 apps running expect some to close.
    Other than that I really liked the phone. Cameras (both) are really good. And I really liked that slim and light design (I sometimes forgot I had the phone in my pocket).

    • danbob333

      2 GB isn’t that bad. There is no reason why any other phone with 2GB would perform better.

    • Rony

      it’s about how is OS cooked with the phone. 2gb could be enough or even 4gb not enough at all.

  • Allan

    I personally haven’t experienced performance issues on the phone.

    My biggest complaint is that the screen is calibrated to be warmer (more yellow) than other phones. I fixed that by downloading an app called Screen Balance. I wish Android would allow users to change White Balance and RGB within the settings.

  • Jesus McDongswoggle

    Noticed quite a few bugs in the two weeks I’ve owned it, this is good news!