Facebook for BlackBerry 10 updated with browser-based interface, older versions to stop working March 31

Earlier this month WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned company, stated it plans to end support for BlackBerry-made operating systems by the end of 2016. Today, it looks like some versions of Facebook’s own social media app for BlackBerry 10 will also stop receiving updates by the end of March.

According to the latest (and probably last) update to Facebook for BlackBerry 10, the app will shift towards becoming a mobile website launcher.

“This is an important update which allows BlackBerry users to continue to access Facebook using a browser based interface,” says BlackBerry. “There are some non-user facing changes that are mandated by Facebook. It is strongly recommended that users update to this version, as older versions of Facebook will stop working on March 31, 2016.”

This Facebook for BB10 brings the app to version 10.8 and also removes Facebook entries within BlackBerry Hub.

[source] BlackBerry [/source]