Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay now available across Canada (excluding Quebec)


  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    It will have been nice to include in your article the reasoning behind the exclusion of Quebec. We all knew what starbucks pay is, it is not like it is a new app.

    • Omis

      Probably a language thing.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      Hardly, apps in the PlayStore can’t be language regulated.

    • GGB

      I frequently see Quebec excluded from Canada-wide initiatives. I can only assume it’s Provincial regulation of some sort where an agreement couldn’t be reached.

    • gommer strike

      Do business with/in Quebec and you’ll discover very quickly that everything must be in French. This is not negotiable.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      I lived in QC and I know for a fact that it will not cover the apps on the PlayStore cause I have lots that do not run in French.

    • Major Suave

      No, it has to be in French only if a French version exists. Try to find a French version of Grand Theft Auto. Yet it is still available here because they never localized it.

      Fear of backlash from French users maybe. Laziness in translating an app to please customers more likely.

    • Major Suave

      You have to have French display outside. Offer tools for your employees in French but apps/software needs to be in French ONLY if a French version already exists OR if it is developed in Quebec.

      You can find and buy all kinds of English only apps in Quebec either on the app store, Google Play, Playstation Network, Video game stores…

      Now I understand that it’s a desire from Starbucks to offer French service to its customers which is great for the ones that need it. For the others it sucks to wait (or not, I never ever go to SB)

      I work for a software company in Quebec 🙂

    • Major Suave

      I guess that it would have to be incompatibility with the banking systems/paiment terminals of the 2 main banks in Quebec Caisses Populaires and/or National Bank of Canada

    • LeTricolore

      Most people I know aren’t even with these banks, though. It’s most likely a language thing.

    • Eric M.

      I can confirm that it is a matter of having the app translated in French for the wireless orders.

  • NLer in Ottawa

    I’ll enjoy using this until April, when I’m getting rid of my starbucks app because of how they’ve screwed up their rewards program.

    I’m certainly not naive enough to say I’ll never go there, but it’ll no longer be my default.

    • Adam Reinhardt

      what? they changed it so that instead of spending $60 to get a free drink you have to spend $62.5 oh lawdy

  • Mo Dabbas

    Good …. we don’t need this thing in Quebec. I’ll stick with Second Cup which is Canadian and makes better coffee.

    • OgtheDim

      Meh…one big conglomerate vs. another. As for the coffee being better, that’s just taste.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Lol, I agree on the first part.

  • Mike

    4 months later, they still haven’t rolled this out in Quebec. There is no excuse for this. The real reason is because the stores themselves are not equipped to handle mobile order. The one I frequent has no room to put mobile orders, and they have no capacity to handle them. I think it’s the managers of Quebec starbucks that are basically refusing to put in the mobile ordering .I have seen no plans to accomodate it any time soon.

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  • Olivier

    Where are we at a full year and a half later. Forgot the 7+ million people of the East Coast?