Free-to-play is here to stay: 100 million people play Supercell’s games daily


  • Gumbopudding

    Crap. I hate that type of monetization via forced multiplayer to survive that’s so popular now. So many fun games ruined because of this. I’m OK paying for games, just not the amount expected.

    • Unorthodox

      I’m still in the same boat, but started to change the perspective after someone’s recent post in Disquis that compared in-app payments to the charges people used to spend in arcades. I personally refuse paying money for in-game currency and if I spend any that would be buying some items that can be restored when I decide to re-install the game. On the other hand I’m no teenager anymore and can easily find something else to do while mana/energy/whatever is replenishing.

  • thomas nguyen

    Worst news I read today

  • Mike Scott

    Castle Clash is way better than Clash of Clans.. just saying :p

  • Peter

    Problem i found with clash of clans was how expensive their gems are, you could spend $25 on gems and that might get you enough resources for 1 or 2 late level builds. I read somewhere it would cost $12K+ to max everything quickly. Nuts.