SyrupCast 60: Mobile World Congress meltdown

Galaxy S7

This week we speak come down from the high that was Mobile World Congress and speak about all the glorious new smartphones, wearables, and VR headsets that were on display.

Hosts: Igor Bonifacic, Patrick O’Rourke
Duration: 45 mins

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  • George

    You guys really need to work on your recording levels. One guy can barely be heard and the other one is super loud. I had to stop listening after 10 min

    • We hear you (no pun intended). Next week we’ll be back with a different setup 🙂

    • George

      I look forward to listening again next week

  • danakin

    Recycling the Cory Joseph intro? Maybe this will be one of their “things”.

    Interesting to hear Patrick use the phrase “as a journalist” in his opening statement. I’ll keep this nugget in my back pocket for the next time a MobileSyrup “contributor”, as has happened in the past, contends their journalistic integrity and/or limitations are justifiable because “this is a blog”. Can’t have it both way folks. Better to try and punch above your weight class.

    Batting leadoff, the inevitable G5 and S7 discussion including a recap peripheral Samsung and LG offerings. Solid discussion but nothing that would draw a listener to conclude anything that hasn’t been covered elsewhere in the blog/podcast universe. This in itself is not a criticism of the podcast; just noting that nothing new was revealed by the duo. If this segment was an ice cream flavour it’d be vanilla.

    Interesting commentary that there’s no more value in consumers buying devices outright. I wish the lads would have taken a deeper dive into this subject. Perhaps it can be fully explored in a future roundtable?

    Sony was up ne”X”t. Following a quick recap of the lineup the discussion turned to design and availability. I’d like to hear their thoughts on how consolidating the lineup to 5″ screens might provide manufacturing efficiencies. Sony has perhaps finally understood they can’t move as many units as other OEMs and process efficiencies can help them make margins. SOny did, after all, recently buy a mobile phone manufacturing plant – not usually a sign of throwing in the towel.

    On to HTC; no real effort from them at MWC, they got more than enough discussion time here.

    The rest of the podcast was devoted to tying up loose ends: Blackberry and Ubisoft. A solid, high-level, recap of pertinet details and some well executed expositon of the Canadian game development industry.

    This week’s show gets a 7.0 SMSPR (Subjective MobileSyrup Podcast Review) score; negatively impacted by the poor audio quality. This needs to be resolved to be considered for a seat at the adult table of tech podcasts. So far, the roundtable format works better than a two-man setup.

    • Just one footnote here: we hired Patrick away from the National Post. I think he was working in the ‘journalist’ section there.

    • danakin

      You think he was working in the “journalist” section? Gotta beef up your fact checking…

    • Indeed, I was employed by the National Post’s “journalist section” for approximately five years in various positions. I primarily worked as the publication’s national tech writer.

      To back up this claim, I “fact-checked” my own LinkedIn profile. And just to clarify, I’m not a contributor at MobileSyrup, I’m actually a full-time staff senior writer.

      Audio issues will be fixed next week and in the near future, we’ll have a significantly higher-quality setup that will surely bestow adult table podcast status upon our baller podcast.

      Thanks for your comment.

    • danakin

      Happy to contribute!